Kenneth Branagh's hoping he'll get to direct another Marvel movie

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Dec 15, 2012

Though he wasn't exactly the most likely of choices, Kenneth Branagh managed to turn Marvel's Thor into a fun, blockbuster addition to the Marvel movie canon. His name won't be on Thor 2 when it hits theaters in 2013, but Branagh says that if the timing were right, he'd love to go back to the Marvel universe.

In a new interview promoting a number of projects, including the acclaimed new release My Week With Marilyn, which sees him return to the big screen as an actor, Branagh confirms that it was really only timing that kept him from returning to the world of Marvel's God of Thunder.

For Branagh, directing Thor was a chance to do something he's never done before in all his years of Shakespeare adaptations and indie films: helm a massive production.

"Across 20 years of making films, I hadn't spent a significant amount of time in that community, and I wanted to do that," he says.

"Of all the American comics, Thor was the only one I was really familiar with from my childhood, and it intrigued me, maybe because it was a bit more European, with those Viking helmets and its basis in Norse myth. The scale was exciting, and I did love the character and the story. It had depth and gravity in addition to being an entertaining ride."

Though Patty Jenkins will be taking on Thor 2, Branagh calls his time working with Marvel a "joy" and says he'd love to go back.

"I certainly wouldn't rule out a return to Marvel; we had an excellent collaboration."

So he liked Thor because of its European vibes, but Thor is taken for a while. If Branagh made it back to comic book movies, what would he do? Maybe the bigwigs at Marvel could go ahead and put him in charge of that rumored Doctor Strange movie and get that thing rolling.

(via Variety)

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