Kentucky Police put Punisher logo on cop cars, eventually realize that's a terrible idea

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Apr 28, 2017, 12:16 PM EDT (Updated)

A Kentucky police department has decided to remove Punisher logos from police cars after concerned residents pointed out the Marvel Comics character is pretty much a stone cold murderer who operates outside the law. Yeah. Oops?

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports the Catlettsburg Police Department in Eastern Kentucky added some Punisher skull decals to some of the cop cars in their fleet, designed to promote the Blue Lives Matter movement. The decision follows a statewide push for Blue Lives Matter, along with a proposed bill that would make it a hate crime in that state to attack a police officer. The designs were approved by the local mayor and city council and paid for with taxpayer dollars. Apparently no one in this lengthy chain of responsibility had ever actually read a Punisher comic book.

Following a litany of complaints from residents, the city opted to remove the logos. Which was probably about the smartest thing they could do.

Co-opting comic book heroes to equate with police is nothing particularly new, and there are certainly plenty of heroes who would be a good fit for a project like this. You know, folks like Superman or Captain America. Heck, or even Spider-Man. Or Green Lantern. You know, we could do this all day. But whoever you choose, the dude who just starts mowing down rooms and rooms of people with machine guns is probably not the right choice. Just sayin'.

(via Lexington Herald-Leader)

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