Kevin Feige confirms Miles Morales exists somewhere in the MCU

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Jun 27, 2017, 12:29 PM EDT (Updated)

Last week, Sony Pictures released the official Spider-Man: Homecoming cast list, revealing the return of Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts, that Jennifer Connelly had joined the cast as Peter Parker’s new Stark Industries Spidey suit’s A.I., and that Donald Glover’s character had a link to another Marvel Comics superhero.

Glover will be playing the role of potential Marvel villain Aaron Davis, aka the Prowler, who happens to be Miles Morales’ uncle. In a recent interview with ScreenCrush for Homecoming, Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige confirmed that yes, Miles Morales does exist in the context of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (unlike Venom, Black Cat and Silver Sable).

Here’s the excerpt from the interview (Mild Spoilers Below):

Question: Right. I loved the Donald Glover part — he’s great in general, but I loved the part where he mentions his nephew — who comic-book readers know is Miles Morales. Do you think we could see his nephew somewhere down the line, or is that more of an Easter egg for fans?

Feige: All of those little things are just Easter eggs for fans until they’re something more than that. But anything that’s happened in the books is potential material for us. In the meantime, I think Miles is a big part of the animated movie that Sony’s making. But where we go … we definitely want you to go “He’s there. He’s there somewhere.”

Fun Fact: Donald Glover has always displayed a keen interest in playing the Miles Morales version of Spider-Man. The Atlanta and Lando Calrissian actor got his chance (of sorts) when he voiced the character in two episodes of the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series. Created by Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli in 2011, Miles Morales was inspired by then-President Barack Obama and Donald Glover himself.

As for the movie Sony is making, that would be the currently untitled Spider-Man animated movie directed by Bob Persichetti (Puss in Boots, The Little Prince) and Peter Ramsey (Rise of the Guardian), from a script by Alex Hirsch (Gravity Falls), Phil Lord (The Lego Movie), Christopher Miller (The Lego Movie) and Rodney Rothman (22 Jump Street). Slated for a Dec. 14, 2018, release, it’ll feature Shameik Moore (The Get Down) as the voice of Miles Morales/Spidey, as well as Liev Schreiber in an undisclosed role.

Are you excited to know that Miles Morales exists somewhere in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?


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