Kevin Smith claims this is the color scheme of Ben Affleck's Batman suit

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Nov 18, 2016, 1:10 PM EST (Updated)

Director Zack Snyder set the Internet ablaze with the first black and white peek at Ben Affleck’s new version of Batman. Now Affleck’s pal claims to know how that mysterious color palette will look in Batman vs. Superman.

Acclaimed director and Affleck buddy Kevin Smith (Clerks) claimed to have seen a mockup of the suit months ago, and has now confirmed that the suit Snyder revealed is the same design he glimpsed a while back. But, unlike the photo we all saw, Smith apparently saw it fully lit in all its colorful glory. So how’d it look?

Check out an excerpt from Smith’s comment below, which he made in the Hollywood Babble-On podcast:

“As you may remember, I saw a photo of the Batsuit many months ago, and many people asked online, 'Is that the picture you saw?' No, that is a very cool picture, but that is not the picture I saw. They put it on a fake rooftop, and they lit it up. But it was in color, and you could see every piece of detail. So I've seen some people online go, 'Why is this f***ing suit any different than the Chris Nolan Batsuit, it's all one f***ing color.' It's like, 'Dude, that's a monochrome photo. You know what that means, one chrome. ...

That's not a representation of what the suit looks like. So what the suit looks like, and I was always kind of keeping it quiet until they revealed it, but they've revealed it. And you can kind of see, and anybody that… you've seen some people take the picture and color it online. If you want to see what this f***ing suit looks like, you just go to Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, go to the third book, Hunt the Dark Knight…it's the exact f***ing outfit he's wearing.”

Basically, it sounds like Snyder is basing the design on The Dark Knight Returns, which has a very distinct look that’s a combo throwback and new twist on the Batman suit. The color scheme of that suit is essentially blue and gray, which fits with the character’s classic look. We’d love to see it brought to life faithfully, assuming this is true.

Check out an edited mockup of the original photo below, via Dante_GE, which adds a Miller-esque color scheme to the original monochrome shot. What do you think? Do you want this to be true?

(Via io9)

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