Kevin Smith flies back to Supergirl set as he kicks off season 3 directing gig

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Lucas Siegel
Aug 22, 2017

Kevin Smith is back on the set of Supergirl, returning to the director's chair for his third episode, and his first of Season 3. The director, who is becoming a staple of The CW's DC Comics-based series, tweeted a picture from the DEO set of the series in Vancouver.

Smith tweeted a week ago that he'd begun preproduction on the episode with a picture of the script — but the title, sadly, was hidden, so don't look for any clues. It's the fifth episode of Season 3, written by Eric Carrasco and Cindy Lichtman. Carrasco has been lead writer on four previous episodes of Supergirl, including the Smith-directed "Supergirl Lives." He also wrote an awesome Star Wars fan film called Hoshino, if you want another taste of his style. This is Lichtman's third episode of Supergirl.

Smith has also directed two episodes of The Flash, and has expressed interest in returning to that series, as well as stopping by some of the other DC Comics based-series. The writer-director has a lifelong love for the characters, and has written several of them, including a celebrated run on Green Arrow, though ironically Arrow is the CW DC series he hasn't touched yet.

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