Kevin Smith on Justice League: There were moments that ‘made my heart soar’

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Feb 26, 2020, 3:48 PM EST (Updated)

Justice League is facing its fair share of foes these days — middling reviews, poor box office, bad Superman mustache-erasing CGI, and a villain who can’t catch a break from critics — but DC’s latest extravaganza does have one more ally on its side: Kevin Smith.

Smith gushed over the movie during his most recent Hollywood Babble-On podcast, saying there were moments in the film “that f***ing made my heart soar.”

What kind of moments? Mostly, the kind that kids geek out over from the time they get addicted to their first comic: thoughtful inclusions of little lore tidbits, world collisions that pit familiar superheroes against unfamiliar enemies … you know, that sort of thing.

“So, there’s this one moment in this battle — this throwaway moment, where a f***ing Lantern is killed — and he f***ing hits the ground. And all of a sudden, the ring shoots off his finger and takes off into space,” Smith said. 

“Oh my God, the sh** like that. Like, seeing that on the big screen after reading that in comics for so long, and watching Ryan Reynolds do it once, was really wonderful. So, there's moments like that that really did it for me.”

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DC’s Justice League character mashup, which allows heroes to square off against enemies they’d never typically face on their home turf, scored big with Smith, too, since, you know, “you get to see s*** like Batman fight a parademon.”

Admitting he’s staying positive about the film by “grabbing all the stuff that I liked,” Smith even sidestepped critics’ harsh words for CGI-heavy supervillain Steppenwolf, focusing instead on Ciarán Hinds’ voice work.

After listening to Smith talk about his repeat trips to see the movie, one thing’s clear: Justice League brought out the kid in him. If you know Smith, you know he’s a lifelong comic book fan, the sort of guy who’d jump at the chance to direct episodes of The Flash or Supergirl. If anything, the film has him ready to see much more from DC’s Extended Universe — including Jason Momoa’s upcoming turn as Aquaman.

“… Jason Momoa, I thought, was wonderful. That made me wanna see an Aquaman movie more than I ever wanted to before,” Smith said. “The underwater sequence in Atlantis with Mera … just f***in’ bad***, man … I liked his performance. Like, I thought that was a cool idea to make Aquaman the way they did.”

To hear his whole take — and hey, it’s Kevin Smith, so expect tons more swearing — you can check out the full podcast here.