Kevin Smith says Affleck only did Daredevil because he thought he couldn't be Batman

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Aug 27, 2013

The director who hired Affleck more than anyone reveals the truth about Daredevil

The debate over Ben Affleck as Batman rages on. This time, Kevin Smith gives us some concrete evidence as to why Affleck will treat the role with respect -- and it has to do with Daredevil.

We already heard Patton Oswalt talk about how Daredevil taught Ben Affleck how not to make a superhero movie, but what Smith has to add to the conversation is something else entirely. It turns out that Affleck only did Daredevil because he thought it was the closest he'd ever get to being Batman.

This dude has loved Batman going as far back as I can remember. He only did f***ing Daredevil because he loved Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns. He’s like, ‘They’re never going to make another Batman,’ because this was after Batman had nipples and s*** like that. So he was like, ‘Daredevil’s cool, and Miller wrote him as well.’ So he liked the character, but it was always rooted in Batman.

That's believable, if a little short-sighted. We're not saying Batman & Robin wasn't awful (it was) but, frankly, Batman had endured for far too many decades to be killed off by Joel Schumacher.

Still, we get it. And Miller's Daredevil stuff is solid (especially when it's drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz or David Mazzucchelli), so the Daredevil movie could have been great. It wasn't, but it could have been.

It seems like Dardevil, which had been thought of as the biggest strike against Affleck playing Batman, has transformed into one of his best assets. What do you think -- are you feeling good about Affleck as the Bat now, or are you still wary?

(via Comic Book Movie)

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