Kevin Smith signs on to direct Season 2 episode of The Flash

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Jan 11, 2016, 11:31 AM EST (Updated)

It seems The CW’s Flash series has garnered some fans in high places, and now one of them is signing on to pull double duty behind the scenes.

It was announced on Sunday that film director and all-around super-geek Kevin Smith (Clerks, Comic Book Men) has signed on to helm an episode of The Flash at some point in Season 2. It’s not terribly uncommon for film directors to take on TV projects when they’re high-profile pilot episodes, but picking up a random episode in Season 2 of a show is somewhat less likely.

Smith is obviously a comic fan (he literally hosts a TV show about comics and owns a comic shop), so it’s no surprise he’d want to play around in the sandbox. His films often feature homages and references to comics, and now he’s finally getting a chance to tell his very own superhero story. Which, this isn’t even the first time Smith has worked on a CW series — he also directed the pilot for Reaper (which was actually a very cool show).

It’ll definitely be interesting to see what Smith does with the medium, and his style should definitely be a good fit for Cisco’s brand of geekiness. No word on which episode Smith will take on, though it’s tentatively set to air in May.

Are you glad to hear Smith is joining the Flash gang? Hoping for a Jay and Silent Bob cameo?


(Via IGN)