Kevin Smith votes for a Zack Snyder cut of Justice League, too

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Dec 1, 2017

Ever since Justice League was released theatrically, the response to it has, well, not been great. One of the biggest complaints seems to be the inconsistent tone of the film. Zack Snyder shot the bulk of the film in line with his other two DC outings (Man of Steel and Batman v Superman): dark, depressing, and dystopian. When Snyder left production due to a family tragedy, Warner Bros. decided to bring in Joss Whedon to finish. The theory went that, since Snyder's films were critically hated but Wonder Woman, with a lighter tone, did so much better, maybe Warner Bros. should try to lighten up the DCEU. So they went with Whedon, whose work on the Avengers films thrilled critics and audiences. Whedon came on to punch up the script while Snyder was still on the project, then took over when Snyder left. The results were the stitched-together film that came out a few weeks ago.

Since then, fans have cried out for Warner Bros. to release the Zack Snyder cut of the film on DVD. A Change.org petition has nearly 150,000 signatures as of this writing. You can now count director Kevin Smith among those fans.

On his "Fat Man on Batman" podcast, Smith says that he feels like it is "ridiculous" for Warner Bros. not to release the Snyder cut. "Like show the movie, sell the version of the movie that people are familiar with theatrically, wait six months and then f****** hit 'em with the Snyder vision. What's the worst that can happen? Like, 'You f***** up!' and Warner Bros. is like, 'Yeah, I guess' and it's in their rear view. They're working on something else, so it's just another stream of revenue for them."

Smith then went on to read from an article posted to Superhero Talk Site that claims to share the scenes that were altered or deleted from an earlier version of Snyder's film (this article is not sourced, but a woman in the audience confirms what Smith is reading. She liked the "first version" better) that includes more backstory on Cyborg, Deathstroke breaking Lex Luthor out of jail ("Why the f*** would you cut that out?! My god, I question everybody's sanity," Smith moans), and Steppenwolf is killed by Darkseid on Apokolips. Smith notes that, according to this website, they took out "all the s*** that ties into the other movie. That's part of the vision. That makes me a little mad."

The woman in the audience confirms that, in the Zack Snyder first cut of Justice League, you actually saw Darkseid, but she didn't see Apokolips. Cyborg didn't die in the Snyder version.

Smith wants Warner Bros. to release the Snyder version of the film, even if it is unfinished. "I think this public is educated enough to know that it is not a finished film," he rants. "They can even put in storyboard frames if they have to. Let people see that version! Clearly the dude had a vision."

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