Watch: Khary Randolph on what it's like being a black comic book artist

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May 2, 2017, 11:51 AM EDT (Updated)

It's not easy breaking into the comic book industry, so we chatted up artist Khary Randolph to talk about his experience getting started in the business.

Randolph spent much of his career working on books like Spider-Man, X-Men and the Teen Titans. He also created the Inhuman Mosaic and talks about the pressure of creating a new black hero in the Marvel Comics universe. Randolph talks about representation in comics when it comes to art, getting the facial features right for black characters and trying to bring something unique to all the character he draws.

He also touches on the importance of having a solid work ethic and offered up some advice to would-be artists: "You'll sometimes have to work twice as hard as anyone else to be put on the same page." We also got Randolph to open up about his approach and the various influences he explored to land on his style. He also digs into what it's like to be around this industry long enough to go from being a young outside to a mentor for up-and-coming writers.

Check out the interviews below. Big thanks to our interviewer, Akilah Hughes. You can learn more about her here.