Kick-Ass 2 brings blood and guts (and eye-gouging) to Comic-Con

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Jul 19, 2013, 8:29 PM EDT

Kick-Ass was a Comic-Con favorite, so it's no shock that Kick-Ass 2 has returned to the San Diego Convention Center.

Enthusiastic director Jeff Wadlow came onstage first, joined by comic-book writer Mark Millar and artist John Romita Jr., the latter of whom quipped, "I haven't seen the movie yet. My parents won't allow it because all the bad guys are Sicilian."

Both Millar and Romita say they're thrilled with the way the new movie turned out, with Romita adding that he's so excited that he has "nothing intelligent to say."

Aaron Taylor Johnson (Kick-Ass) and Christopher Mintz-Plasse join the panel next, and in a nice surprise Chloe Grace Moretz (Hit-Girl) is beamed in via satellite.

She talked about the evolution of Hit-Girl in the new film and why she was attracted to play roles like Hit-Girl and Carrie in that upcoming remake, saying, "It's about finding characters who are the opposite of me. I am a normal 16-year-old girl with a family and a mom who love me, and these characters are the complete opposite of that. I read the script for Carrie and fell in love with that character. With Kick-Ass, there is a little girl inside Hit-Girl who is completely lost and has no idea who she is."

Additional cast members Donald Faison, Lindy Booth and John Leguizamo also come out for the panel, with Leguizamo saying, "I asked Jeff if I was gonna play a pumped-up, badass superhero, and he said, 'No, you're gonna play yourself.' I said, 'That's no fun.'" (He actually plays the "Alfred" for Mintz-Plasse's supervillain the Motherf**ker).

The audience is then treated to an extended NFSW trailer that includes plenty of violence, blood, beatings, gunplay, eye-gouging, kicking and fighting, with Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl joined in the quest by Colonel Stars and Stripes (Jim Carrey) and the Motherf**ker building an army that includes colorful bad guys like Night Bitch (Booth), Mr. Gravity (Faison) and Mother Russia (Olga Kurkulina).

"We have so many superheroes in this movie," said Millar, "It lives up to the promise of the first film."

Are you looking forward to Kick-Ass 2? Did you think the first one deserved a follow-up?

The audience here in Hall H seemed to think so ...