Kick-Ass director to take on X-Men: First Class?

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Director Matthew Vaughn has already sent up the superhero genre in his kick-ass Kick-Ass; now he may get a shot at the real deal: Entertainment Weekly reports that Vaughn in in talks to direct the prequel X-Men: First Class.

Vaughn earlier turned down an offer to direct X-Men: The Last Stand back in 2005 after he had already negotiated his deal with 20th Century Fox; Fox later hired Brett Ratner to helm the most successful (and perhaps least loved) of all X-Men films.

It's possible Vaughn could also pass on First Class, so stay tuned; Fox is reportedly speaking with other directors as well.

[Update: Deadline NY reported late Friday that "discussions were touch and go, and sources close to the director said he won't be directing the movie."]

The movie is envisioned as an origin story of the X-Men, one that tells the story of Cyclops, Jean Grey and the other mutants in their younger years, played by younger actors. The script comes from Jamie Moss based on Bryan Singer's treatment; Singer will produce but not direct.

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