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Super swimmer! Kid actually named Clark Kent breaks longstanding Michael Phelps record

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Aug 1, 2018, 7:38 PM EDT (Updated)

Some kids are just born for greatness... or superness, as the case may be with Clark Kent Apuada, aka Superman.

Though he’s only 10 years old, Apuada has already accomplished more in the pool than the Man of Steel ever did (unless we’re forgetting a DC Comics issue that took place at a swim meet). And the kid just bested one of the longest-standing records of another aqua-inclined superhero, American hero Michael Phelps.

While competing at the Far West International Championships in California on Sunday, Apuada took home gold in the 100-meter butterfly with a metahuman time of 1:09:30, which bested Phelps’ 1995 record set at the same championship by more than a full second.

Granted, Apuada has 28 Olympic medals to win in order to catch Phelps, not that we’re putting any pressure on the young (super) man.    

Obviously, the kid they call Superman was destined for heroics the moment his parents named him Clark Kent. And it sounds like he brings superior quality outside the pool too, where he excels in piano, martial arts, coding, and STEM programs. 

And Apuada even kind of talks like The Big Boy Scout too. “Dream big... and always focus on your dreams and have fun,” he said, when asked by CNN if he had any advice for other, less aptly named folks trying to get in touch with their inner superhero.

So dream big, kids, and don’t forget: You can always change your name.

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