Killer drones, lasers, and a gruesome countdown make sci-fi short SENTiNEL worth your time

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Dec 26, 2017, 6:26 PM EST (Updated)

If you are counting down the days until the return of Black Mirror (we are), then you'll probably enjoy a new short film that hit the web earlier this week. Written, directed, and edited by Ryan Connolly, SENTiNEL clocks in at a little under five minutes, and is certainly worth a watch. 

The story is simple: Man runs from drone. Who hasn't been there? The film makes things a bit more interesting with a bit of a twist at the midpoint, as well as a mysterious glowing number on the protagonist's wrist. By the end of the film you'll know what those numbers are, and it's exhausting, to say the least. 

That the film looks and sounds as good as it does is a testament to how far technology has come in the world of independent filmmaking. The short may be under five minutes, but every one of those minutes shines (and explodes) with complete cinema quality. The explosions are full blast, the lasers, well, look like lasers, and all of the future tech involved not only looks great, but also sets the tone quite well. The relatively basic story makes an impact as well, and it could be a sign of greater things to come from Ryan Connolly. Could a larger film along the lines of District 9 or even Blade Runner be in his future? 

Watch the film (on Vimeo or YouTube) and decide for yourself!