Killjoys 3.8 recap: Heists, Hullen, and husbands galore

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Aug 18, 2017

Spoiler Alert: Either you’ve already seen the most recent episode of Killjoys, or you’re here to find out what happened. If neither of those things is true, go watch the episode and come back. I can wait.

D'avin has no time for scenarios where everyone dies except for the Hullen, but Johnny's 127 simulations say otherwise. So? What's a Jaqobis to do? Find a way to even the odds. No matter how impossible a task may be, one thing Killjoys has taught us is that there's a way to science or strongarm that sh*t and make it your bitch -- or as D'av puts it: do it Killjoys style.

Meanwhile, Dutch is dealing with the ramifications of her unusual birth, and the very real possibility, because she was born from Green drained directly from Aneela, that Aneela's her Source. We know what happened to the Arkyn Hullen when Khylen poisoned the Arkyn pools, so what happens if we kill Aneela?

And Aneela ... well, Aneela's more than happy to cut a swath through the Hullen and kill Gander over a thousand times to get what she wants: Kendry. 

In the middle of all of this, there's an actual heist. Borna's back in a big way, and our old pal Jelco returns.

In other words, we have a lot to discuss.


Super-cheerful Dutch wigs me out. The Dutch that negotiates calmly with Borna and who thinks a good heist is fun -- she doesn't wig me out at all. Even when she's flipping out about things, Dutch does whatever she can to center herself. Even if it's just a mission for old times' sake. It's a rhythm she understands, and can put the heavy thinking on background processing while kicking ass. Of course, given what she's processing, it's easy to understand her behavior.


I've really loved D'av's development this season, and I'll admit that Luke Macfarlane's a lot more multifaceted than I originally thought. I mean, the smoldering bad boy with a past would have been just fine, but all that with a deep sense of loyalty and a snarky sense of humor? Be still my heart. But the thing that makes this episode so interesting for D'avin is where he gets the advice he needs most: Jelco. D'avin does give Dutch what she needs in someone who will make the hard decisions and have her back, even if it means her life. 


I have no idea how it happened, but I actually feel sorry for Aneela. There's more to whatever happened on Arkyn that made her Hullen. We know that. But we also know there's something different about her. She's also firmly in the crosshairs of The Lady, which makes her vulnerable in a way she hasn't been. But one thing we learn in this episode is that Aneela's a much more formidable enemy than we thought possible. The big question is: Who's currently on her most wanted list -- Dutch or The Lady? Only one of those two used her research to turn Kendry into a science experiment, so my money's on The Lady being the biggest target. For now.


I've already talked about my love for Kendry, but this episode shot it into the stratosphere. The first thing she does upon waking up is kill people to save Aneela. Then, upon learning that she's pregnant and carrying ... something, and that Gander did it to her, she's ready for payback. That little exchange between her and Aneela on just how much she can torture Gander is delightfully macabre, and both Mayko Nguyen and Hannah John-Kamen sell this lover's gift moment perfectly.

It was also nice to see her finally win her little war with Gander. Queens rule, Gander drools.


There's something about Pascal Langdale's portrayal of Jelco that makes him endearing, even when he's being a complete douchecanoe. I thought he was done after events in Season 2, Episode 9, but up he popped in this episode, and I did the clappy hands thing because I knew this wasn't the Jelco we'd met before. This one's seen some things, and he's lived to tell the tales.

Jelco's still got his snarky streak, but the fact that he's genuinely in love with Borna and the position he's taken within her husband hierarchy offers an insight into what made him such a jerk in the first place. Everyone needs to be loved, and everyone wants to shine in their own way. I'll bet no one thought Jelco would be the one to say that.

The Lady and The Green

I saved this for last because it's what stuck with me through everything else. The Green connects everything; The Lady, Aneela, Kendry, Dutch, the Hullen, it's all one organic ecosystem in different forms of development. The Lady has learned enough about Aneela's ability to pull memories out of The Green to use Aneela's experiment to give birth to herself via Kendry. Conversely, Aneela created Dutch from her own core green, which means if she dies, Dutch dies.

Now, there are a few rules of television that tend to remain constant (unless you're Joss Whedon), and one of those is that you don't kill your leads. Not permanently, anyway. So either Aneela gets to live or there's a loophole. I have a guess as to the potential loophole, and it includes the multiple sources of Green that Aneela's been dosed with since Dutch was created. I'm also still holding onto my Double Dutch theory that Dutch and Aneela are going to team up once Aneela learns Dutch's origin.

Random Thoughts

"You need a giant vibrator." "For science!"

Johnny's lunch as a planning tool was delicious.

Both Dutch and Johnny striking out with the Mole clan driver. Priceless. Some days it really is about the size of your gun.

"Jelco, the STD of villains."

Killjoy's commitment to all kinds of diversity is on display in this episode. Jelco's backed by two women with nasty-lookin' guns, and the Mole crew is multicultural. Add in Borna and her multiple husbands -- it's just nice to see that the commitment threads through all parts of the casting process.

"Front or back should always be a pre-game discussion, sweetcheeks." Oh my God, I love this show. LOVE.

Final thought

What do you think Aneela's plan is to take out both Dutch and The Lady? From the sound of it, Kendry's not going to like it, and her pregnant belly is certainly involved. So what? Whatever it is, it's going to come up against Dutch's plan to end Aneela and, by doing so, end the war. But that means Dutch dies too, so that's a conundrum and a half. 

Both women have a plan. Both women are going to come face to face. We have two episodes left.

This is going to get interesting.

That'll do it for this week. Meet you back next week?

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