Killjoys "Full Metal Monk" revealed a centuries-old web of deception

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Aug 20, 2016

Spoiler Alert: Either you’ve already seen the most recent episode of Killjoys or you’re here to find out what happened. If neither of those things is true, go watch the episode and come back. I can wait.


Remember when I said last week that Johnny was going to be in a world of pain once Dutch found out he'd been lying to her? He definitely is, and ouch.


Right out of the gate, we get a few things that should make fans sit up and take notice. 1) Turin takes a beating (you know you've been wanting to see that for a while), 2) It looks like the mind link worked and Sabine did help them track Level Sixes and 3) D'avin just exploded a guy's head out of his eyeballs.

That's gonna leave a stain.

While 1 and 2 are pretty straightforward, 3 came up later and became one of the more interesting plot points this season. D'avin's control of the Green has been an evolution –– first, his body rejected it due to whatever the army did to his brain, then his mind link with Khlyen gave him the ability to control it, and now he's able to use that control to affect the minds and bodies of Level Sixes. Including one very freaked-out, centuries-old Scarback monk (played by the always incredible Julian Richings) who's been turned into a Level Six.

If this week's episode has a theme, it's all about control. Who has it, who wants it, what happens when you take away people's agency through chemical manipulation. There's also the age-old MegaCorp vs. Everyman battle and other dynamics involved, but they're all pretty much about control in one form or another.

Raise your hand if you're happy to see Jelco (Pascal Langdale) again. I am. I mentioned on Twitter earlier this week that the actors must have absolutely loved this script because there was so much to work with and so many levels, and Langdale replied that he absolutely did. It's easy to see why, especially in his scenes with Pawter and Johnny. 

OK, enough randomness, let's get down to what we learned this episode.

First and foremost, we learned that Aneela called Khlyen Father, which rocks Dutch to the core and opens up a ton of questions for both Dutch and us as the audience. Is Dutch Aneela? Is Khlyen really Aneela's father, or was it some sort of honorific or foster situation? Is it what I mentioned in my last post? Is Dutch a weapon created to kill Aneela because Khlyen realized what he'd created and realizes she can't be allowed to live?

The wall around Oldtown is the same as the wall around Greenwell mentioned in the last episode. I admit, I missed that. So the slaughter Senbeck talked about was The Company walling in the town of Greenwell and then using what Pawter calls execution eugenics. Add in the plans Pawter saw in Jelco's office and we start to see the bigger plan for The J: Cull the population, take out the weak and the old, leave the young and healthy. But to what end? Tie that in with what Pawter's mother revealed before her death, that Qresh is dying and The Nine don't see eye to eye, and you're looking at some pretty freaky stuff.

Delle Seyah Kendry. We know she has Jelco in her back pocket and enough sway over him to not only get him to activate the Oldtown wall, but to get him to do it without full authorization from The Nine or The Company. Kendry was also at Prodigy when things went bonkers after Khlyen sent his last data transmission there. That message managed to kill most of the students and is currently trapped in Olin's head; a message that includes a map to a facility where Scarback monks were turned into Level Sixes centuries ago. She sure seems to be in a lot of places, doesn't she?

Kendry has also managed, with Jelco's help, to make newly elevated Lady of Land Simms, Eleanor Pawter Seyah Simms, the suspect in the murder of another member of The Nine. Arune (Wynonna Earp's devilishly handsome Shamier Anderson) landed on Westerley as a potential ally and he's leaving in a body bag as Seyah Simms sits holding a gun wearing a Sexer's dress and smiling with her Killjoy boyfriend. Talk about taking out three for the price of one.

Slowly but surely, the pieces are falling into place and all of the characters we thought were independent are more tied together than we realized. The discovery of the monks' fate has pulled Alvis even further into this story, so he's involved. Jelco's involved. Delle Seyah Kendry and The Nine are involved. The Company is involved. Khlyen and Fancy? Involved. Johnny, D'avin, Dutch, clearly in the mix. I think the only one not currently in the tangle of this web is Pree and I'm fairly sure he's going to get involved (Side Note: Thom Allison, you have a lovely singing voice.).

We have two more episodes to go. We have Oldtown to save, Khlyen to find, Aneela to find/kill/whoevenknows, Johnny and Pawter to rescue, a Company to thwart, and who knows how many members of The Nine to deal with.

It's going to be an insane two episodes. I hope you guys come back to read about them.

P.S. - I also have a theory about who the actual Big Bad is this season. I could be way off base, but I'm dropping it here just in case so I have it on the record. So if you want to know, scroll.






Bit more.







OK. Here goes.

I'm 99% convinced that Delle Seyah Kendry is the HBIC in charge of this whole thing right now. She may not have started the Level Six program, but I think she's working behind the scenes to make pretty much everything happen. I hadn't even considered her, but I started thinking about just how many things she's been involved in and I realized she's been right there, in front of my face, this whole time. 

Looking back, her manipulation of The Nine, itself, is evident. First, in "Vessel," when she sends Dutch to "help" a family's surrogate.  She then gets Dutch arrested in "Kiss Kiss Bye Bye" so she can extract a favor from her; being her bodyguard in "Escape Velocity" when she uses the genetic bomb to wipe out her rivals in The Nine. We don't see her again until she shows up at Prodigy in "Schooled," but there's no doubt she's been working behind the scenes and is likely one of the main people who was fighting Pawter's mother on the council. Delle Seyah Kendry is exactly the kind of lady who would have hired Hank to unleash the fog on the Simms family, don't you think? Now we have her as a main player both in The Nine and in the building of the walls which includes Pawter's aforementioned execution eugenics program.

Once all of this started clicking, I was amazed I hadn't thought of it sooner, but the show has been so good about using her sparingly and painting her as conniving without making her look like too much of a mastermind. But I'm beginning to wonder if that's an act and she's manipulating a lot more than Company jerks like Jelco.

If it is her, then I'm thinking that's the reveal at the end of the season and we can look forward to more Delle Seyah Kendry if we get a Season 3. Fingers crossed.

Feel free to tell me I'm crazy or offer your own theories, but toss a spoiler alert on them just in case.


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