The Killjoys Season 2 finale came, saw, kicked ass, and took more than names

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Sep 3, 2016, 10:21 AM EDT

Spoiler Alert: Either you’ve already seen the most recent episode of Killjoys or you’re here to find out what happened. If neither of those things is true, go watch the episode and come back. I can wait.


Did that just happen? I mean, I'm not even sure I'm processing what actually happened because so many different things happened and I was already reeling from the thing that happened in the last episode. So, really, what just happened?

Well, for one, we finally got to meet Aneela and learn what Khlyen's relationship is to her, the Green, and the people of the J. We also know that he's trying to save his daughter and we know why he's connected to Dutch. We know they saved The Quad by killing the tree and plasma on Arkyn. We know why The Nine and The Company were creating Sixes and the deal they made.

Let's talk about the episode.


Saying goodbye to Pawter.

I know many fans were upset over Pawter's death and more than one person expressed concerned that Pawter's death was all about creating man pain for Johnny. Personally, I think Pawter's departure had more to do with Sarah Power working on another show, so it was logistical. But I also think her character brought a lot to the show and her death impacts Westerley and the Quad in ways we haven't seen yet. Yes, it impacts the team, but it sets up a couple of things that I think we'll see next season (1. I don't think DSK is dead & 2. If Pawter & Johnny got married, how legal was it? Stuff to chew on).


Charming, helpful Khlyen = Yay. Dead Khlyen, not so much.

I honestly never thought I'd be sad to see Khlyen go, but I was both shocked and sad. Did you see that coming? I didn't. Not until it happened, at which point I was a bawling mess because everyone was doing such a brilliant job acting, especially when this was the episode we saw more of Khlyen than ever before. The kind mentor, the father, the scientist, even the humanitarian who wanted to feed the world. It's so like Michelle Lovretta to show you aspects of a character you didn't think existed right when you least expect it –– even if you only get to see them for a short period. 


Johnny Jacobis; lover, pilot, cold-blooded killer?

I see now what Aaron Ashmore meant when he said Johnny was off the deep end in the finale. I thought he meant emotionally, but his lack of emotion or conscience when he shoots Delle Seyah Kendry and leaves her to die is a Johnny we haven't seen, and he's much more worrisome. Of course, I think DSK faked her death,  so John only thinks he killed her, so he's technically not a murderer. We also got to see some fancy flying and everything that goes with it, which is always a good thing. Lucy and Johnny's dynamic has gotten exponentially better since "I Love Lucy." Of course, it also means we had to deal with a goodbye scene that left me sobbing. Worth it. 


Davin and Fancy.

I loved everything about this dynamic.  D'av locking Fancy out of Lucy. The begrudging respect. The competition. "You're a Six, not a ten. Simmer down.". Fancy the human shield. I thought of it and then D'avin thought of it and the look on Sean Baek's face. All of it was priceless. There's also a shift in their interactions once Fancy is back to being a "regular a**h***" and I'm looking forward to seeing where that goes.


Archive and Dej, the ultimate security package.

First off, I was so so so so happy to see Richard Howland again, but to set him up as the head of Archive was just inspired.He does that cool, reserved, man of the world thing so well. It's easy to think of him as someone who caters to the very rich, but also appreciates the value of a good fight. Speaking of which, that fight and the dialogue were perfection.


Dutch and Khlyen coming full circle.

"Stop." "What?" "Khlyening." Just when they finally have some time to spend together and Khlyen gets to see just how good Dutch really is, it ends. Both of them have to be put in a fatal situation for the feelings to be expressed, but we learned so much about why Khlyen did what he did and why he went rogue. We see his sacrifice and we see the immediate change in Fancy...and in Dutch.


Pree. The one who always knows what to say.

A while ago, I saw a tweet volley between showrunner Michelle Lovretta and Aaron Ashmore about a scene with Pree in the finale and, man, she was right. It really is a thing of beauty. 


Clara, I think I love you.

Who do you send in to watch John's back when he's left everything and everyone else behind? Who else? I'm so glad we got to see her again and I'm glad to know that she and John have a new ship and an open flight plan. I think they both could use a little time "getting some air".


Random observations:

Khlyen's "Sorry about the mess" and Johnny's trench run. Someone on this show's a Star Wars fan.

I heard that Wilhelm scream, Lovretta.

Hullen. We know what it is and we know what it does. But we don't know where it comes from. Or how widespread it is.

I know DSK mentions being able to "go through the process" to Khlyen, but I can't shake the feeling she's already a Six. Especially with Six Scarbacks as bodyguards. I think Aneela made her one. Pure speculation.

I still want to know more about the Scarbacks and how the tree they stole (and Aneela stole back) fits into their religion. 


What we don't know and what we can possibly look forward to in Season 3.

Why does Dutch look like Aneela? Who did The Nine make their deal with? A deal made with who, exactly? Possibly the invaders that took San Romwell over 400 years ago?  Did Aneela become a host for Hullen from other places, those making her immune to the Arkyn plasma death? When do we get to see more of that cool ship? Also, holy hell that's a big fleet.

Finally, Dutch wants to go to war. She wants to leave the Quad and take the fight to Aneela. That opens up a lot of possibilities for potential storylines, locations, and characters.

I'm so glad Killjoys got renewed because Michelle Lovretta cunningly managed to answer a bunch of questions and then open up a ton more –– and I want answers.

Meet you back here next season?

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