The Killjoys Season 2 premiere picks up right where we left off

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Jul 3, 2016, 10:56 PM EDT

Spoiler Alert: Either you’ve already seen the Season 2 premiere of Killjoys, or you’re here to find out what happened. If neither of those things is true, go watch the episode and come back. I can wait.

If you’re wondering what Season 2 is all about, showrunner Michelle Lovretta summed it up rather well.

Holy s--t. I’m excited. Just so we’re all caught up, here’s where everyone was at the end of last season.

  • D’avin: on Arkyn at Red 17
  • Dutch/John/Pree: On Lucy, vowing to get D’av back.
  • Pawter/Alvis: In the Westerley tunnels, hopefully, safe from the bomb The Company dropped.
  • Fancy Lee: Same as D’avin.
  • Khlyen: Last seen taking D’avin to Arkyn and Red 17.
  • Short version? Westerley’s bombed to hell with Pawter and Alvin in it, D’avin’s in serious trouble, and Dutch needs to get the band back together.

OK, so that’s Season 1. Let’s get on with Season 2 (and yay that we got a Season 2, because I really would have cried if we hadn’t) and talk about the first four minutes of the episode.

Right away, you had to be looking at the screen going “whhaaaaaaaaaat?” Not only did we suddenly have D’avin back (I kept thinking I missed something), but the kiss clued me in the second it started.

D’avin’s dreaming. Once D’av wakes up, we realize that he’s even more screwed than we thought and we’re right back where we left everyone. Small aside for  Lucy’s “You may want to run in 5, 4, whoops!” I love her so much.

Back on Lucy, Johnny and Dutch are trying to figure out how to rescue D’avin from Arkyn and have a strange new radioactive shield to deal with. It fries a probe almost immediately and, of course, Dutch’s reaction is to fly straight into it, because she’s Dutch and she’s badass like that. Not that it works, but it’s still badass.

What do you guys think about the new credits? I’m still acclimating.



“Johnny, you’re looking thinky.” Someone, please give this writers' room a kiss for me. But seriously, Johnny proves to be a good thinker and we have a plan, even if it is a crazy how-is-this-ever-going-to-work Killjoys kind of plan. Next thing you know, Bellus gives them a warrant for the tech they need to get through the shield, and Pree turns out to have a criminal past worthy of entry into the baddest bartertown in the Quad.

Off to Eulogy we go!



AHEM! I want to know more about Big Daddy Scrimshaw and Paris O’Malley some day if you’re reading this, Thom Allison.

Dutch in the Box, anyone? I can’t sit in a basic yoga position and here’s Hannah John-Kamen all folded up in a weapons box like it’s no big deal. Talk about an entrance.



Meanwhile, D’avin’s out wandering around on Arkyn, aka dreaming and seeing visions. I’m not sure what they mean. One guy bleeding green,  a group of Scarbacks fighting with people trying to plant trees (I think?),  then Khlyen’s there and boom, back to reality, where, no matter how much of the green liquid they pump into D’avin, his body rejects it completely and then he (telepathically?) pushes it away That’



Johnny and Pree are gambling with the local color and being a distraction while Dutch looks for the shield they need. Of course, this scene is really about cool tech, fast hands, Dutch’s KILLER jacket and hot tempers.



Next thing you know they’re on their way with the tech they needed and the gal it’s implanted in. Extra points for “Don’t try and kill a Killjoy, dick!”, Alice, the kickass gun arm, and two ladies taking down a room full of bad guys.

Also, Johnny and Pree. The scene in the elevator is just....



Back on Arkyn, Khlyen’s found out about D’avin’s powers of rejection and now he’s ready to kill people to save him. Khlyen’s plan was to make D’avin a level 6 and send him back to protect Dutch. Now, he’s got a new reason to keep D’av alive...for now.



Can we discuss Johnny Jacobis’ tech fascination? It’s kind of sexy, isn’t it? Not that he can keep his hands off. Bad, Johnny. Didn’t anyone teach you not to touch a lady without consent? It earns him a shock, literally, and an introduction to our hackmod, Clara. Clara and Alice –– such simple names for such complex ladies. As willing as Clara is to help our Killjoys, however, John pumps the brakes so he and Dutch can have a chat.



Oh, whee. The shield does irreparable harm to Clara any time it’s activated, so it can kill her if they use it and D’avin could die if they don’t. Poor John. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place.

“Remember the part where I was kidnapped by a gang of thieves who cut off my arm and made me their robo slave girl?”

I love Clara. I do. She’s my new favorite in the world. Not only does she put herself on the line, but she interfaces with Lucy and basically tells John to sit down.



It was neat to see Khlyen’s organic computer again, especially when I realized it was comprised of, what D’av so aptly describes as “multi-tasking green shit”. If Khlyen uses the liquid to control the system, then can it be used to control other Level 6’s? Or is it a separate system? I hope we find out. Later. Right now, D’avin needs to escape from something called the Black Root. I’m sure we’ll hear about them again. Just like we’ll learn more about D’avin’s “memory” in his dreams.

Next thing we know, Dutch and John are in the facility that D’avin’s trying to get out of and, oh hey, there’s Fancy! Of course, they get him out because they don’t know he was part of the Level 6 program and his body was just fine soaking up the green good. He looks like the Fancy we know, but I don’t think anyone is shocked to find out he’s not (not to skip ahead, but I’ll be so mad if he died in that fall out of Lucy. Sean Baek is soooooo good).

What I really want to know is just how top level whatever the Black Root is, because Khlyen lets them take him down. That surprised me.

Finally, we get the band back together again and D’avin does what Khlyen suggested; lies to get Dutch off Arkyn. Personally, I think it was the right move. Dutch isn’t ready to fight that fight. Not yet.



That said, it’s not like what they have to do next is going to be a cakewalk. Getting into Oldtown and getting Pawter and Alvis out is going to be hard, but our Killjoys are back together, so it’s a good start.

A side trip to Leith gives our crew time to rest and regroup, plus you know there are a few conversations that need to be had. First, John and Clara need to say goodbye, which I’m bummed about because I like her, but I think she’ll be back. While I think John’s headed for romance with Pawter, I think he and Clara have nice chemistry.

On the plus side, they can’t exercise the warrant on the tech inside Clara because the tech inside Clara defines her as something other than a “person”. Nice little loophole there. Not sure if that nulls the warrant or leaves it outstanding, but who cares about plot points when you’re getting a happy ending?



Finally, it’s time for a little confab between our Killjoys. Dutch knows D’avin lied about Khlyen and I think she gets that it was for the best. What Dutch doesn’t want to hear is D’av’s theory that Khlyen’s not her enemy, but D’avin has a theory that this is bigger than them, bigger than Khlyen, bigger even than Level 6.

If there’s something beyond Level 6, what does it ultimately want? We hear they’re taking him to “The Lady” least, they were. The (thankfully) alive Fancy Lee stops it (at least, I think he does).

Whatever or whoever it is, Dutch is connected to it somehow because she was in D’avin’s “memory” on Arkyn. You know, the memory Khlyen said was a memory from long ago? Yeah.



I think we know what the plan is for Season 2; save Pawter and Alvis, free Oldtown, find Khlyen, and figure out just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

I hope we see Alice again.

Shall we do this again next week?

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