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Killjoys takes parenting to a deadly level in 'Baby, Face Killer'

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Aug 24, 2018

**Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers for the Killjoys episode "Baby, Face Killer" below! Either you’ve already seen the episode or you’re here to find out what happened. If neither of those things is true, go watch, then come back and enjoy this recap. I can wait.**

If there's a litmus test for unflappable, I'd say it's having your child age years in a matter of hours and trying to figure out how to be a parent in an exceedingly short time.

Delle Seyah Kendry passes with flying colors. Qresh may be in chaos and she never actually chose to get pregnant, but there she is training Ozman (Jaeden Noel), aka Jaq, in proper etiquette and cutlery techniques. I like that the kid's picked up a little of her sass. Osmosis?

Far from unflappable? D'avin Jaqobis. But D'avin's earnestness and good intentions will likely make him a more well-rounded parent overall, and there's certainly something to be said for that. Especially since he's a smart enough dad to delegate certain aspects of Jaq's education to others. I mean, if you have to train a kid to fight, Dutch is a pretty good teacher.

Her memory, however, is another thing (not that she can be blamed in this case). She needs help with that because Khlyen's put a female assassin into her memory that wasn't there before. (How did he DO that, anyway? Or the sound of the pulsar? I mean, these events happened to her; was it the tea?) But this is why we have John, and this is why we have memory tech.

Side note: Pour one out for poor Mano. He may have been a pervert, but getting killed by a master assassin sucks for anyone.

That assassin, by the way, intrigues me. Not only does he have a little Roy Batty thing going, but there's definitely more than meets the eye here. Our Killjoys are assuming the assassin is after Jaq. But do we know that? He's here because John's search on the assassin on Qresh pinged an alert, but wasn't that assassin after a Qreshi noble named Harvost Mueller before she (he) tried to kill John? 

So how does that tie in with this killer, and what's that symbol? His description of who he is says he's part of a legacy deal: a "divine calling." So The Lady is involved. But the assassin didn't go after Jaq, only Dutch.

It's too bad we can't ask him. With him being dead and all.

Talk about dead...

Spider-Brain Pip and Zeph

I know, I know. It's not funny. It's really not. More and more, I love Pip and Zeph not just as individuals, but as a pair. Pip used to be able to screw people over without blinking, but Zeph is different. For Zeph? He's a hero who's 100% willing to give his life if it means the spider is out of his head and he can be trusted again. That bit about whether he and Zeph become a thing killed me. On the plus side, the spider's dead, but it's also part of Pip's autonomic system, so if it dies... yeah. 

Pree to the rescue

I could talk about Fancy here, but this one's all Pree awesomeness. He's ready to save his man no matter the cost, even when that cost is getting captured by the Hullen, and even when it means being back on the RAC — which has become distinctly dangerous territory. Luckily Fancy and Turin have a link to him, but this could get really dicey before it's over.

Dutch, Aneela, and The Lady

Whatever's going on in the Green, Dutch and Aneela are definitely connected. Just as in The Matrix, if Aneela's hurt in the Green, Dutch is hurt outside of it. That means if Aneela loses the fight with The Lady and The Lady kills her... I'm not going to finish that thought. Also, Dutch didn't get hurt when Aneela did before they went into the Green, so what's changed?

D'av the Dad and Jaq the Kid

I mentioned it earlier, but I really like this side of D'avin. When the rubber meets the road, he's going to protect his family — all of his family. He already knows Dutch and John can take care of themselves, and there is something unsettling about how Dutch is choosing to train him. It makes sense, though. Dutch and Jaq are similar in the ways they're different. Both of them were forced to grow up fast. It's got to be weird for Dutch.

The other question I have regarding Jaq is this: How did he know about the cyanide? Or the blaster shot at Dutch? What exactly happens when he spaces out like that?

But where is D'av taking him?

Random Thoughts and Tidbits

-Dutch and Jaq and the sexer room. That whole scene. I died. I just died.

-Where's Delle Seyah going? It's not Qresh. She's not Hullen anymore. Any guesses?

-I'm with John on this one. What's with Lucy and people leaving and her not saying anything?

-Who are the guys taking the kids?

-"Kicking his ass. Saving your ass. All the ass stuff." I love Jaq already.

Final Thought

"You were abused, Dutch. What Khlyen did was wrong. No child should go through that." - D'avin Jaqobis.

Talk about a truth bomb. 

Dutch is who she is because of the life she's lived, and she's come out a lot healthier than other people may have in the same situation. But D'avin's right. It was abuse. No matter Khlyen's intentions. And the damage shows at the moment she's willing to "teach" Jaq one of the brutal lessons she learned.

Yalena "Dutch" Yardeen is an amazing woman. Strong, smart, loving, fierce, and resilient; you forget that she was raised to essentially kill her own mother. Khylen knew that. He may have had good reasons, but Dutch hasn't looked at how unfair it was, nor has she had a chance to deal with it.

I hope she does. 

I'm looking forward to next week. See you then!

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