Kilowog thinks humans smell funny in 1st clip from Green Lantern

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Dec 14, 2012

The Green Lantern Corps is made up of recruits from across the universe. Although most Green Lanterns patrol their sectors of the universe, one in particular acts as the Corps' drill sergeant. His name is Kilowog, and in the upcoming movie Green Lantern, he's about to make new recruit Hal Jordan's life a little more exciting.

"Exciting," as in "terrifying."

Attack of the Show recently interviewed actor Michael Clarke Duncan (aka Kingpin in Daredevil), who provides the voice of Kilowog. (You may have thought that beefy Duncan provided the inspiration for the body of Kilowog, but no, the character has always been that big.) Before the interview—where Duncan talks about his six cats—we get to see a clip of Kilowog in action.

From the comic book, we know that Kilowog, the sole survivor of Bolovax Vik, is a mechanical genius. We also know that underneath that gruff exterior he has a heart of gold, and as a friend he's fiercely loyal.

From the 45-second clip, we're just afraid for poor Hal Jordan. Or, as Kilowog calls all of his recruits, "Poozer!"

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