Cool kindergarten kid OWNS Doctor Who's famous Pandorica speech

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Dec 14, 2012

Remember how heated the debate got when we argued about who should play the 11th Doctor? That'll be nothing compared to the flame wars that'll pop up when Matt Smith decides to leave Doctor Who and it's time to figure out a replacement. But as for the 20th Doctor? Don't worry. Because this kid has it covered.

This tiny guy acting like a Time Lord is only in kindergarten, yet he's got all the bluster he needs to pull off one of the greatest moments in Doctor Who history—when Matt Smith dared his enemies to just TRY to take him out.

Check out his dramatic chops.

And in case you've forgotten what those words sound like when spoken by the current Time Lord ...

Keep it up, kid, and we'll check back with you in 20 years or so!

(via The Daily Geek)

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