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Kingdom brings Korean zombies to Netflix in first trailer

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Nov 8, 2018

As much as it might seem like it, Kingdom isn’t Rampant, the next film from the company behind Train to Busan. Turns out the world’s big enough for two zombie projects set in South Korea’s Joseon period, and Netflix’s original zombie series just happens to be riding an improbable wave.

The show, in which a newly-dead and freshly-resurrected king must be stopped by a heroic prince, released its first trailer today — one filled with the undead and plenty of beautiful fire-lit period costumes.

Check it out:

As The Walking Dead continues to shake things up and shed viewers, fans of zombies might be looking elsewhere to get their supernatural fix. As the spike barricades and screen panels portend bloody combat to come and plenty of suspense, all directed by Kim Seong-hun, fans can begin theorizing about the mysterious plague infecting medieval Korea and what exactly will happen over the course of the show’s two seasons (since Netflix already greenlit an extension for the show).

Fans can test their alt-history theories when Kingdom comes to Netflix on Jan. 25.

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