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Yes, Kingdom Hearts III is actually finished: Watch the trailer

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Nov 20, 2018, 1:23 PM EST (Updated)

Kingdom Hearts II came out in 2005. Now, in 2018, its follow-up is finally finished. Kingdom Hearts III’s production has wrapped and it will make its announced release date as long as nothing changes for the beleaguered game in the next two months.

This news comes from the game’s official Twitter account in a tweet signed off by the game’s director, Tetsuya Nomura. Nomura confirms that the game is complete and that fans should start replaying the recap games in order to be caught up on the complex Final Fantasy/Disney crossover franchise when the long-awaited game hits stores early next year.

Check it out:

After being delayed again and again, with rumors swirling for almost a decade until its announcement back in June of 2013, Kingdom Hearts III was a bit of an Avatar sequel of the gaming world — somewhere between the mythical Half-Life 3 and Ahab’s white whale. But today, with a new trailer that’s hence only been shown off in movie theaters, fans can rest assured for the first time since 2005: A new Kingdom Hearts game is done.

Here’s the trailer:

This “Together” trailer from Square Enix shows off the wide variety of Disney vistas that players will navigate in the new game, including Hercules, Frozen, Big Hero 6, Wreck-It Ralph, and Pirates of the Caribbean (featuring an eerie version of Captain Jack Sparrow, no less). The spiky-haired anime silliness will run headfirst into long-haired Tangled silliness as the saga provides the conclusion to its epic crossover.

Kingdom Hearts III will hit PS4 and Xbox One on Jan. 29.