Kirby the 5th Turtle and other sketches from the TMNT flick that never was

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:33 AM EDT (Updated)

Before the time of Lord Explosion, Michael Bay, there was a trilogy of Ninja Turtle flicks. A first that was great, a sequel that dared to have Vanilla Ice involved, and a third that is best left forgotten. But TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman was planning a fourth film that never happened, and we've got a bevy of concept art, including a fifth turtle.

There were going to be all sorts of additions to the cast, including Spyder, Lawson and Fang, but most interesting of all were an evil April (yes, really) and the inclusion of a fifth turtle. What artist was he named after? Why none other than the King himself, Jack Kirby. Not exactly a renaissance artist, no, but certainly a lovely homage to one of the most important artists in comics.

We've assembled a gallery. Some of it's cool, some of it is weird, and there's no shortage of "what was he thinking?" too. Evil April has some very large and visible nipples, and that's a lot of business for movies designed to appeal to an all-ages community. But enough from us, on with the show!

(via Comic Book Movie)

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