Kirkman promises 'the story completely changes' in this season of The Walking Dead

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Nov 3, 2014

We’re a few episodes into the current season of The Walking Dead, and it’s obvious this year has a different flavor than what comes before. But creator Robert Kirkman says that’s just the beginning.

In a chat with IGN, Kirkman opened up about the process of adapting the acclaimed comic book as the television series rolls deeper and deeper into the comic-based storylines. Kirkman notes that they’ll be adapting a lot of events faithfully from page to screen (as we’ve already seen in recent weeks), but added that there will also be a boatload of new twists thanks to the addition of Abraham and his group — and their ongoing mission to reach Washington.

Of course, fans who have read the comics already know how that Washington arc turns out. But the show has never shied away from shaking up the comics, and you'd think they'd definitely put a spin on this storyline since they've built it up so much in the series.

Check out some key excerpts below:

“It’s what we’ve been doing with The Walking Dead comic from day one. You’ve made people love and know and identify with these characters -- and then you kill them. Those deaths don’t matter if you’re not invested in the characters … Season 5 is, more than any other season, following the comics very closely. There’s more comic book moments being adapted than there have been in any previous season, so there’s a lot of cool stuff for the comic fans coming up and a lot of stuff they will recognize, but of course we’ll be doing some stuff in different ways. . . There are a lot of cool key moments that come directly from the comics.”

The biggest thing for Season 5 is that the story completely changes. . . There’s a mission to this season -- this mission of getting to Washington and if there’s a cure there and if there’s infrastructure there and security there. What is it that is actually in Washington? I think that having our characters suddenly be driven with a goal that they can actually accomplish is changing how we tell stories in a big way. The episodes of this season are going to feel a bit different than how the show’s felt before.”

As is typically the case, Kirkman was also asked about the mysterious new Walking Dead spinoff series. Though he avoided specifics, Kirkman would only reveal that the spinoff will have “huge differences” when compared to the mothership show. Considering what we already know about the spinoff, that seems to fit.

What have you thought of the current season? Is it a good mix of comic stories and remixed events?

(Via IGN)

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