Kirkman says there's one thing you'll never see on Walking Dead

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

From blood and guts to the downfall of morality in what's left of mankind, AMC's The Walking Dead has already pushed the limits of what it will show on cable TV. But what's the one thing series creator Robert Kirkman has no plans of including anytime soon?

In a recent interview, Kirkman revealed that one thing he doesn't want to dig into is the start of the zombie apocalypse, which is a big part of why the show (and comic) essentially picked up a good bit into it after Rick Grimes woke up from his coma.

Kirkman has mostly avoided the subject in the franchise's comic run, and despite that detour by the CDC in season one, he doesn't plan on going back to that storyline in the TV show, either.

Essentially, the writer says The Walking Dead is meant to pick up after that part of the story, which has been well covered by myriad zombie films over the years.

He told TV Guide:

"I don't find that to be interesting at all. In zombie fiction, you see the outbreak, you see the first days and the craziness in almost every other story told in this realm. I'm very proud of the fact that, for the most part, The Walking Dead has skipped over that part."
It's an approach that has worked well for the series, and I think we'd all rather see Rick face off with the Governor, as opposed to a flashback where everyone is scared and crazy because zombies just showed up.

What do you think? Would you like to see more flashbacks to the mysterious beginnings?

(Via TV Guide)