Kirkman teases Walking Dead's Rick + Michonne could be MORE than friends

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Jan 25, 2016, 4:21 PM EST (Updated)

The TV version of The Walking Dead has already taken some major deviations from the comic canon, and now creator Robert Kirkman says we could eventually even see Rick find love again ... with Michonne?

The question was posed to Kirkman in a Q&A piece over at TV Line, and he definitely sounds a lot more open to the idea than fans might expect. As comic fans know, the two develop a very close friendship over time — but it never really takes the turn into romantic territory.

But Rick eventually does move on to other romantic relationships in the comic storyline. So could the show go that direction in the future, but with Michonne on the receiving end? 

Here’s an excerpt of Kirkman’s response:

Series creator Robert Kirkman says he “wouldn’t necessarily rule a romance out,” but he reminds us that Rick’s “wife did just die in a horrible way, so I don’t think any kind of romance is really on his radar just yet.” Kirkman does, however, concede that the two are growing closer. “They are definitely forming a friendship,” he acknowledges. “They have a very large mutual respect for each other because of their capabilities and their ability to trust one another, and I think that’s a lot of what was growing in the [Season 3] episode where they both went off on a run together.”

Sure, it would seem a little forced coming so soon after Lori’s death, but it’s interesting to consider. Michonne is already growing into a trusted member of the group, and they seemed to get along pretty well during that season-three road trip. Could love be in the air (along with that pesky zombie virus)?

(Via TV Line)