Kirk's crazy car + 12 more sci-fi props recycled in movies and TV

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Dec 17, 2012

Though sci-fi films and television series offer us a look at possible futures and fantastical worlds, it all often happens on a tight budget—meaning you cut costs wherever you can.

One of the biggest costs come in props, because it ain't cheap to create those wild and fantastical scientific devices or futuristic doodads. So what's the easiest way to trim the budget? Reuse those props.

And it happens. A lot. From The Matrix to Predator, many famous franchises have recycled props or sets from time to time. Heck, half the phasers and tech used in the various incarnations of Star Trek could be traced back to the original series.

Here are some of the more interesting examples—and let us know—did you ever notice any of these crossovers on screen?