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KISS clashes with undead immortals in Dynamite's new KISS: Blood and Stardust

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:01 AM EDT (Updated)

The world's most outrageous rock band is heading back to the bright lights of the comics stage with a fresh ongoing series from Dynamite Entertainment, and it's gonna slingshot your brain back to the Swingin' '70s.

KISS and comics go together like Batman and Robin, and whether you're a card-carrying member of the KISS Army or just a casual fan who digs their kabuki-style makeup and cool catalog of hard rockin' tunes, this new fall title will be sweet music to your ears.

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Dynamite just announced plans for celebrated writer Bryan Hill (Aphrodite V, Postal) and artist Rodney Buchemi (Death of Hawkman) to deliver a decadent, horror-driven storyline to KISS: Blood and Stardust this October. Their excellent tale of excess and immortality finds the iconic rockers faced against a nasty cabal of immortals and it's up to a deceased Paul, Gene, Ace, and Peter to make a resurrection deal with a demon to save their souls and the world.

"KISS was the soundtrack of a time in my life where I had tons of ambition and few rules. Endless nights in dive bars in New York City, watching sunrises on the rooftops of Brooklyn. I might have discovered them in the aughts, but I was filled with the spirit of the '70s,” said Hill in an official Dynamite press release. “The 1970's was a special decade, a decade of fame and magic where guitar riffs and drum solos were your co-pilots and the devil MAY have cared, but he couldn't stop your shine."

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KISS easily earns a headlining slot in the American comics kingdom ever since their 1977 debut in Howard The Duck #12 and Marvel Comics Super Special #1: KISS, which allegedly had actual drops of the band members' blood mixed into the red ink! Dynamite has been crankin' out the KISS comics and graphic novels since 2016, with a cadre of killer titles like KISS, KISS: The Demon, KISS/Vampirella, and KISS/Army of Darkness.

“Fans can expect to relive that magic, terror, and power in these pages," Hill continued. "They should prepare to see the mystical occult power that weaved itself into pop culture, characters in league with it, celebrity-filled with it, and a story of the innocent lives caught in the balance. I've always wanted to tell a story about a band that saved the world. Now I have my chance."

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Check out the full cover gallery below, including vivid variants by Stuart Sayger (The Walking Dead), Rodney Buchemi (Legenderry Red Sonja), Maria Sanapo (DC Bombshells), and a nostalgic KISS photo cover, then tell us if this loud new series will be on your playlist when KISS: Blood and Stardust drops in October.