Kong: Skull Island channels Apocalypse Now in awesome new IMAX poster

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May 3, 2017, 10:32 AM EDT (Updated)

Move over, Marlon Brando. There's a new (poster) king in town, and his name is Kong. King Kong.

Entertainment Weekly has debuted a new IMAX poster for Kong: Skull Island that's a direct homage to the Apocalypse Now one-sheet from artist Bob Peak, with Col. Walter E. Kurtz's (Brando) face swapped for that of the giant ape.

Kong: Skull Island takes place during the Vietnam War (the same setting as the Francis Ford Coppola war movie, which was based on Joseph Conrad’s 1899 novella, Heart of Darkness), which puts a new spin on Kong's origin story. Tom Hiddleston stars as former British SAS officer Capt. James Conrad (see what they did there?) with Oscar-winner Brie Larson (Room) playing a photojournalist and peace activist named Weaver.

They join Samuel L. Jackson's military commander Lt. Col. Packard and John Goodman's "greedy explorer" Bill Randa on a perilous expedition to a mysterious island in the South Pacific, where giant monsters (and giant spiders!) roam. The cast also includes Toby Kebbell, Corey Hawkins, Shea Whigham and John C. Reilly in the role of a long-stranded American named Marlow (the hero and narrator of Heart of Darkness is named Marlow, as is ... well, you know) who knows much about the island's secrets.

Take a look at the posters below and have fun comparing the two. Kong: Skull Island opens on March 10.

(via EW)