Kong: Skull Island director posting Metal Gear artwork — but where's the movie?

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Jul 13, 2018, 4:48 PM EDT

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who brought us Kong: Skull Island last year, has long had his sights set on adapting the Metal Gear video game franchise to the screen.

Vogt-Roberts spoke just last year about adapting the third game in the series, Metal Gear Solid, saying that he was working with video game creator Hideo Kojima on the script (a new writer, Derek Connolly of Jurassic World fame, was brought on board last year as well). Sony Pictures has been behind the project for four years or more. So what gives?

Well, the movie may still be in development hell, but Vogt-Roberts himself is not sitting still. He announced on Twitter earlier today (Jul. 13) that in celebration of the original game's 31st anniversary, he's going to spend the next 31 days posting pieces of Metal Gear fan art online. The thread starts here:

According to the above video, Vogt-Roberts will post "concept art he created with a series of ‘next gen artists.’" And while the video stresses that the art itself is not officially associated with the film, one can reasonably assume that this is some sort of indication of the kind of look the director will be going for — when and if the movie gets in front of the camera.

Could that be the endgame here? It took a carefully planned "leak" of proof-of-concept footage to finally get Deadpool out of limbo and into movie theaters, so Vogt-Roberts may have a similar idea in mind here — post the artwork, get the fans excited and create enough buzz to move the film into active production.

One thing's for sure: Vogt-Roberts is personally committed to making the best Metal Gear Solid film he can. As he told Slashfilm last year:

“Everyone understands that it would be such an easy thing to do wrong. It would be so easy to sort of say, Metal Gear Solid is Mission: Impossible. It’s not. Metal Gear Solid is G.I. Joe. It’s not. Metal Gear Solid is X. It’s not. Metal Gear Solid is Metal Gear Solid. There’s nothing like Metal Gear Solid on the planet tonally, visually, in terms of characters...there would be no greater offense to me on the planet than making a bad Metal Gear movie."

You can follow Vogt-Roberts for the next 31 days and judge for yourself: does the artwork he's posting look like the Metal Gear movie you'd want to see?