Kong: Skull Island director says HBO is using the airplane edit, and he doesn't like it

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Nov 29, 2017

It's not uncommon for films to get an "airplane cut" to be used on in-flight entertainment, which might trim scenes or shift aspect ratios to make the movie fit on those tiny airplane screens. But that verison shouldn't be used anywhere else — especially not on HBO. 

The director of Kong: Skull Island, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, has opened up on Twitter to address reports the pay cable network is airing the airplane cut of his giant monkey movie on the main network, making his tentpole spectacle look a bit wonky in the process.

Apparently, this isn't the first time a filmmaker has noticed the issue when it comes to in-flight movies making the jump HBO. Peter Atencio saw the same thing with the condensed edit for his 2016 comedy Keanu. "We need to all join together and fight this. HBO should care about filmmaking enough to want to make filmmakers happy but not playing the wrong aspect ratio," Atencio responded to Vogt-Roberts' grievance.

The network apparently continues to air the incorrect version of Keanu despite Atencio's complaints. According to Atencio's Twitter thread: "I got the 'it's a comedy, who cares' excuse a lot."

SYFY WIRE reached out to HBO's Media Relations for comment. We'll update if the network responds.

Does it bother you when the aspect ratio is a bit janky, or can you ignore it so long as you're entertained while stuck in the middle seat? Let us know how you really feel in the comments.

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