Korea launches robot theme park: What could possibly go wrong?

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Look, we've all seen the movies. We know what happens when humans are stupid enough to build robot theme parks. We die!

But some people just aren't getting the message.

Robot Land, set to open in Incheon, South Korea, in 2012, claims that it's building "the world's first theme park focused on robots with exhibition halls, robot experience hall, learning facilities and entertainment facilities."

They claim there'll be a robot aquarium, which will be a place "to watch and manipulate robot fish." And that there'll be "a robot restaurant, where robots serve, work as cashiers, and perform shows."

It all sounds innocent enough, right? But you and I know what this really means—it's the first step toward global robot domination!

We have to stop it before it's too late!

(And thanks to comicmix for the warning!)

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