Kraven the Hunter screenwriter says film is looking to Kraven's Last Hunt for inspiration

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Oct 10, 2018, 9:16 AM EDT

Given the blockbuster success of Venom, Sony is likely to fast-track the expansion of its shared universe of Marvel characters with more iconic villains from Spider-Man lore. 

Characters ranging from Morbius: The Living Vampire to Silver Sable and Black Cat have all had their names tossed around for the big-screen treatment, some of which are in various stages of development. 

One solo film that's currently in the works is Kraven the Hunter. While the process is still in the very earliest stages, screenwriter Richard Wenk is currently working on the script, and he shared some details with Discussing Film this week. 

"It's an interesting world, [and] a great character," said Wenk, who promised the movie is "going to adhere very closely to the lore of Kraven the Hunter."

How close, exactly? Wenk says that he's been clearing all the necessary hurdles that are involved when adapting a massive property like this to a new medium, but he did state that they're "circling the infamous Kraven's Last Hunt" storyline for inspiration. 

This doesn't mean it'll be a straight adaptation, as Wenk's script could take place before or after Kraven's Last Hunt, or just incorporate it into the story in some way. He also added that Kraven "is going to come face to face with Spider-Man."

That detail is particularly surprising, given that Spidey doesn't really factor into Kraven's comic origin. Venom, meanwhile, doesn't feature the webhead at all, despite him being absolutely integral to how Venom comes to be in the comic. 

Still, Wenk says that things are moving at a deliberate pace at the moment. "Everybody wants to make the right movie, the classic movie, and nobody's rushing to turn out some character movie because it's part of that world." 

No director has been named at this point, but when asked about Antoine Fuqua, who Wenk worked with on The Equalizer series, he answered an "unequivocal yes."

"Antoine's not just one of the top filmmakers in our business, but he's my friend, and we work very well together," said Wenk. "I've got his ear, and he'll decide based on the script, but I think I can speak for Sony that it would be a coup to have Antoine step on board."

If Fuqua doesn't get involved, he may get another chance, as Wenk explained that there's a conversation about having Kraven split into two films, in the vein of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill series.

"It's an origin story, obviously," said Wenk, adding that "it'll be the first time people see Kraven — and not the last."