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Kristen Stewart describes Elizabeth Banks-directed Charlie's Angels reboot as 'woke' and 'modern'

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Sep 14, 2018, 1:35 PM EDT

For Elizabeth Banks's reboot of Charlie's Angels, we'll be losing a lot of the campiness and "kitsch" from the original TV show (1976-1981) and the two movies from 2000 and 2003. In its stead, we'll receive a story about empowered women all over the globe, standing up for themselves. 

“It’s like super—God, it’s so funny. If I say this a certain way, I know that this will be written, but it’s not such such a bad thing. [The movie is] kind of like a woke version," Kristen Stewart told Variety, while doing press for Lizzie with Chloë Sevigny. 

Stewart will be one of the three main angels, starring alongside Naomi Scott (Power Rangers), and Ella Balinska (Hunted). Banks, directing and producing, will also play Bosley, a character traditionally played by men.

It's a totally logical change that reflects the 21st century angle Banks wants to achieve. The movie will focus more on these badass women, rather than their faceless male employer. And it's not just badass women from America, it'll be an entire global organization of empowered females. 

“There is like a kitsch nature to the last ones that was super fun, but nowadays, if you see a woman in combat, everything should be something completely and utterly well within their ability and they work together, really beautifully," Stewart continued. "And there’s a whole network of angels, it’s not just three. It’s like women across the entire globe are connected and helping each other. It’s still gonna be fun and Charlie’s Angels-y, but we’ll also be current and modern."

Charlie's Angels will be released in theaters on Sep. 27, 2019.