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Kristen Stewart says new 'well-intentioned' Charlie’s Angels will keep the warm and funny, lose the kitsch 

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Aug 24, 2018, 4:30 PM EDT

We haven’t heard much about the Charlie’s Angels reboot, beyond the initial casting news detailing writer/director/star Elizabeth Banks’ new Angels as Kristen Stewart (Twilight), Naomi Scott (Power Rangers), and Ella Balinska (Hunted). But at that time, Banks promised to honor “the legacy of Charles Townsend and his agency while introducing a new era of modern and global Angels.” 

Now, speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Stewart has expanded on what it means to honor the original 1976-1981 TV show and the two rebooted films from 2000 and 2003. 

While addressing former Angel Lucy Liu’s take that the reboot “will only be a more positive result for women,” Stewart agreed with the sentiment, and also expanded upon how that will work. "The re-imagining is so grounded and well intentioned and really shows the way women can work together now," said Stewart. "It tries to be warm and funny, but it lacks a kitch [sic] element that we have seen before that works so well."


For those not learned in Yiddish, according to Merriam-Webster, kitsch is “something that appeals to popular or lowbrow taste and is often of poor quality,” or refers to “a tacky or lowbrow quality or condition” in something – like a movie or TV series that may very well be entertaining, and even empowering, but may also be exploitative at the same time, particularly if looking through a modern-day lens.

So, at least in the kitsch regard, it doesn't sound like the reboot will be modeling itself off the past incarnations. "We are not trying to do an impression of the last one," said Stewart, referring to the films starring Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Liu. 

That’s also evident in the film’s updating of Towsend’s detective agency, which is now a security and intelligence agency, which is likely how Banks and company will make this next generation of Angels more “global.” 

We'll see how it all progresses as Charlie's Angels makes its way to theaters Sept. 27, 2019.  

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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