Kristin Chenoweth magically starring in and exec producing ABC’s The Real Fairy Godmother

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Mar 26, 2021, 6:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo! Your fairy godmother has arrived, or at least will be arriving on ABC, because Kristin Chenoweth has just fluttered in to produce and star in the put pilot for a new series, The Real Fairy Godmother.

The show will see Chenoweth as one of those shallow, self-absorbed “real housewife” types who has no idea she is actually descended from—wait for it—a secret order of fairy godmothers. The only problematic thing is that she will have to leave behind her it’s-all-about-me lifestyle to reach out to those less fortunate as she reluctantly undertakes weekly missions that are, for once, not all about her. Then the magic happens. Chenoweth’s character starts to realize exactly how narcissistic and materialistic she had been, and starts sprinkling pixie dust on her own dysfunctional family and friends to transform them into better people. This may take a while, if they’re anything like a certain type of reality star.

The upcoming series will be written and co-executive produced by Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner, who were the musical geniuses behind all the songs in that musical episode of Once Upon a Time. Executive producing will be Craig Zedan and Neil Meron, who recently worked with Chenoweth on NBC’s Hairspray Live, with Mark Nicholson as co-executive producer.

This is not the first time Chenoweth has floated onto the scene as a fairy godmother-type character. She was cotton-candy perfection as Glinda onstage with the original cast of Wicked, insisting “pink goes good with green,” much to Elphaba’s chagrin, and joining magical forces with Idina Menzel (and later Ana Gasteyer) in a rendition of Defying Gravity that had to make you feel something if you were actually human. She recently assumed a more divine role on American Gods as Ostara, the ultrafeminine goddess of spring and renewal, who is followed everywhere by bunnies, but can still resurrect the dead (under the right circumstances) and isn’t afraid to send down a thunderstorm.

We don’t know when The Real Fairy Godmother will be released, or if it will be before midnight that night, so run back to your princess carriage before it turns into a pumpkin.

(via Variety)