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Kristin Chenoweth says she won't be returning to American Gods

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Oct 15, 2018, 10:25 PM EDT

American Gods is indeed short another deity for its upcoming second season. 

The series, based on Neil Gaiman's 2001 novel of the same name, has undergone some personnel changes since its Season 1 finale. Showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green exited the production after alleged budget disputes with the Starz network. Then Gillian Anderson, who played the new god Media, said she wouldn't be returning either. Finally, replacement showrunner Jesse Alexander appears to have been let go as well.

Now, Kristin Chenoweth is walking away from the role of the old god Easter, which she confirmed in an interview with TV Line. Like Anderson, Chenoweth attributes her decision to the absence of Bryan Fuller.

"I couldn’t come back without him, it wouldn’t be right," she explained.

Chenoweth had expressed doubt over her return way back in December of last year, but said she had considered returning for the show's sophomore season. "Let me just say this: Those people are also my family. It came out of Gaiman’s brain, who is a genius," Chenoweth said.

She went on to say that she wishes the best for everyone involved, but added, "I mean, Bryan’s my guy."

Given the pivotal role Chenoweth's Easter played in the Season 1 finale, it seems difficult to just write her out of the series entirely. It's possible they may simply reconfigure the character, much as they're doing with new god Media, but that's purely speculative at this point.

Despite the steady reports of behind-the-scenes drama, Gaiman has gone on record saying that Season 2 is on the right track. We'll find out for sure when the second season of American Gods premieres on Starz sometime in 2019.

And hey, worst-case scenario, there's always Good Omens, right?