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Krypton: Brainiac infects Kandor's finest in Episode 7, 'Transformation'

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May 2, 2018

Krypton is entering its home stretch after tonight's seventh episode, and things in the Rao System are starting to fall off the rails, with Brainiac's agent infecting the High Priest, Doomsday being nearly de-thawed by Seg and Dru-Zod, and Adam Strange ostracized by his friends for withholding the truth about the planet's ultimate demise.

The once-proud House of El, whose sigil now represents a house of shame, is on the rise after last week's episode, "Civil Wars," as Seg aligns himself with one of Superman's greatest foes to help halt the World Collector from snatching Kandor City and bottling it up for display inside his ominous Skull Ship.


EXTREME SPOILERY TERRITORY AHEAD! Below is a recap for Krypton, Episode 7, "Transformation."

In tonight's thrilling chapter, Brainiac spares Daron-Vex’s life in exchange for unquestioned loyalty after a failed coup attempt, and the Cythonnites try to keep Doomsday on ice while Jayna goes on the run to escape potential prosecution.

There's only 200 years left before Krypton gets blown to smithereens, so let's not waste another second quibbling about honor and loyalty, and instead rocket lightspeed into the latest calculating adventure.

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We pick up seconds after the High Priest creature reveals himself to Jayna, Dev, and the Sagitari soldiers that have cornered the Voice of Rao after a false bomb threat is issued, causing him to be targeted for termination. But he had a nasty surprise in the form of lethal tentacles erupting from his hands and stabbing the Sagitari to infect them with the World Collector's insidious influence.

Now Jayna sprints through hallways to escape the wicked black vines and the evil deliverance Brainiac brings. Red current surges through the cranium-piercing tentacles and reanimates the soldiers into willing servants of their new master.

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Daron-Vex is dragged back from a diplomatic mission to Alderaan Argo City to answer to whom he still believes is the Voice of Rao. But the agent of Brainiac (Blake Ritson) quickly sniffs out Daron's lies and exposes his true nature, demanding the truth about the assassination attempt and the names of those implicated in its execution. Once the former High Priest begins badmouthing the human race, Daron understands that things have become a bit more complicated for Kandor and Krypton. To emphasize the need for clarity, Brainiac's agent grabs Daron by the throat and lifts him into the air.

To prove Daron's newfound loyalties, he's forced to reveal the names of the co-conspirators and names himself, Primus Jayna-Zod, Nyssa, and five members of the supreme council. Vex admits they wanted the anointed tyrant dead because he was an ignorant zealot who peddled false hopes and purged any opposition by penalty of death. A plan to ferret out the traitors and publicly execute them is enacted, leading to the immediate arrest of Nyssa-Vex under the charge of high treason.

Down in the rankless districts, Seg, Lyta, and General Zod are sneaking back into the city when they're approached by Sagitari guards. Seg pretends he's just a Nova Cycle drunk and is left alone. They bring the injured Zod to Kem's tavern in District 19, where Seg's bartender friend explains that there's been a coup attempt and the whole city is in lock-down mode. Jayna has been implicated as the lead orchestrator, and Nyssa is scheduled for her death sentence. No rest for the wicked in Kandor.

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Adam Strange heads over to Val-El's Fortress of Solitude to get his AI hologram to help fix his Zeta Beam transport device so he can return to Earth. Strange is not forthcoming concerning the whereabouts of Seg and neglects to say anything about Doomsday and how Seg has banished him from his company after learning of Krypton's impending doom. The Tigers' loving time-traveler is remorseful for withholding information, and ultimately admits that he screwed up. His final act to avoid becoming a cosmic loser is to kill General Zod before returning to Earth.

Back in Sector 19, Zod is being patched up by some sweet Kryptonian technology as Seg and Lyta argue over why Seg feels obligated to save Nyssa. He explains that it's because when he asked, she assisted him in saving Lyta when she was accused of treason for supposedly conspiring with Black Zero. Lyta is silent over this simple but salient point!

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Daron visits his daughter, who is under house arrest, and recounts a touching story about Nyssa's courage as a child and a song that was her mother's favorite. He offers up his feeble apologies for this impossible situation, then draws a blaster pistol and shoots into... a hologram of Nyssa sitting on the couch! She's tricked him, anticipating his treachery and appears behind him, holding a knife to his throat to silence him.

Seg arrives and is allowed into the chamber, where he throttles Daron for bowing before Brainiac's agent and trying to murder his own daughter. Daron the weasel tells them they need his help to escape, but he fools them and orders the guards inside while he scurries away. Seg and Nyssa make a formidable fighting duo, and they dispatch both guards after a violent tussle that displays Nyssa's killer kung-fu.

Threading her way through the maze of passageways and corridors in the rankless regions, Lyta searches for her mother but finds Dev-Em in hiding instead. He tells her the truth behind their involvement in the assassination attempt, and agrees to team up to locate Jayna. Does Dev seem a bit off? Hmm.

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Lyta and Dev shuffle though the snow and ice outside the city limits, clothed in polar parkas and breathing masks. Lyta spots a cave containing some living implements, and Jayna steps out from the shadows aiming her rifle. Recognizing her daughter and Dev, Jayna lowers her weapon in relief and tells them that she thought she was the only one who made it out of Brainiac's attack alive. Surprise! She was!

Dev removes his hood and we see a pulsing red disk embedded in his forehead! Brainiac has subjugated him as well. Dev blathers on about seeing things in the universe he's never seen, and how Brainiac has given him a form of perfection.

Jayna fears for her life and blasts Dev with a deadly bolt from her weapon, but he dodges the beam with his newly acquired reflexes and attacks her. Lyta comes to the rescue and fires boldly at Dev, severing one of his arms. Dev falls lifeless onto the ice with his arm socket still sizzling.

Lyta introduces General Zod to her mother (his grandmother, if he's to be believed), and she asks him who his father was. Zod says he never knew him and was only aware that he was a fighter in the battle for Kandor. It's important to note that Zod pauses here before answering, his eyes rapidly shifting back and forth. Remember that Zod is one tricky fellow, and is not to be trusted.

Fleeing the authorities, Seg and Nyssa hook up with Lyta, Jayna, and Zod, and together they regroup at Kem's backroom. Jayna proposes that they dash off to Kryptonopolis and establish a base to recruit an army against Brainiac. But Zod reminds everyone that Brainiac will pluck Kanor from the pitiless earth in a few weeks and there's no time. Seg insists that the Nova Cycle happenings are their best bet to deliver an assault on the compromised Voice of Rao. Or at least really piss him off.

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Cleanse and purify yourself! At the closing of the Nova Cycle pageantry, Daron is master of ceremonies for the assembled multitude of rankless Kandorians. Brainiac's Red Shard guards march up to the ceremonial arena and fan out before the flaming stage. Brainiac's agent, wearing the Voice of Rao's multi-face gold helmet, ascends the podium and addresses the crowd.

In the background, the strike team of Seg, Lyta, Zod, and Jayna take aim at the robed alien and wait for a countdown. Right before they pull the trigger, one of the servants of Rao steps forward and screams that this figure is not what he appears to be. She's quickly silenced as the audience becomes confused and restless.

Brainiac fires up the crowd by stepping into the consuming flames and promising them eternal life. The swirling conflagration encircles his body while he levitates above the stage inside the glowing globe, transcended into an even more powerful entity as Seg's hit squad looks on in horror. Who wants to live forever?!

Now that's a hot ending! Okay, that's all we've got for this week on the lost paradise of Krypton. How do you think Seg and company will destroy Brainiac? Will they defrost Doomsday? Will Strange bring back another savior from Earth's future? Is one-armed Dev dead? Will little Ona get her precious Rao stature back? And what the heck is the Nova Cycle anyway? All important considerations to ponder!

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Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, and let us know if you're digging this Superman prequel show as it enters its final episodes of the season.

Until then, may Rao's light forever guide your way.

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