Lobo Is Coming To Krypton Season 2 | SDCC 2018 | SYFY WIRE

Krypton cast and showrunner explain why Lobo is coming and how he'll impact the show

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Jul 22, 2018, 8:30 PM EDT

The cast of Krypton dropped a bombshell at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday when it was revealed that Season 2 of the SYFY series will feature the bounty hunter Lobo as its main villain. The announcement continues the Superman prequel's habit of getting to fan-favorite characters quite quickly, mashing up their origins to create a new mythos for the modern era.

"We introduced Brainiac for the first time in live action, Adam Strange for the first time in live action, and the opportunity to do that with Lobo was obviously exciting for us," the show's executive producer, Cameron Welsh, told SYFY WIRE. "He's mostly going to interact with Seg, and he'll be unlike anything Seg has ever encountered before."

A dude riding around on a motorcycle killing for fun and profit is definitely not something anyone on this dark, Shakespearean version of Krypton will ever have seen prior to what we assume will be a very dramatic entrance. As a wild hired gun, Lobo doesn't necessarily seem like he could even exist in the Krypton universe — a fact that Welsh says he's very much embracing.

"Lobo on the page is such a broad character, and the tone of our show is so grounded, so it feels like a bit of a mismatch, but that's kind of what's exciting about it as well," he explained. "He's not going to ride around on space dolphins like he did in the comics, but he's meant to feel like a contrast to everything else we've seen."

Star Cameron Cuffe, who plays Seg-El and is the show's resident Superman fanatic, was equally excited about the Lobo news. But Season 2 will have far more concerns and threads than an invading intergalactic bounty hunter. There are emotional relationships, both romantic and familial, to address, and on Krypton they very often intersect.

Seg's relationships with Nyssa and Lyta are of particular interest to many in the cast, especially now that we know General Zod is Seg's child with Lyta. Welsh reveals why he made that decision in the video below!