Krypton renewed for Season 2 at SYFY

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May 23, 2018, 10:11 AM EDT (Updated)

As the Krypton Season 1 finale bears down upon Superman’s planet and its multiple factions, SYFY has some good news for DC fans: Krypton will be coming back for a second season.

The network has confirmed the Brainiac-infected series that’s documented some of the political and interpersonal struggles in Superman’s family’s past (turns out El and Zod go way back) has been one of the network’s most successful shows of the year. The show has dipped into some fascinating corners of Superman lore over the past several weeks, sprinkling in nods to Doomsday and some deep cuts into Adam Strange's history.

With its hot-out-the-gate start, Krypton became the most-watched debut season for an original series since 2014’s Ascension and the most-watched scripted show in general since the 2015 season of Defiance. Dabbling in the comic-based world has been good business for the network, and DC fare has already success everywhere from The CW (Arrow, Flash) to Fox (Gotham, Lucifer) over the years.

While we don’t know as of yet how many episodes the period-set superhero show’s sophomore season will air, the first season was comprised of 10 installments. That could be expanded given the show’s ratings success, but it could also serve as a template for what fans can expect in Year 2.

The far-reaching Superman prequel will continue following Kal-El’s grandfather Seg-El and the time-travelling Brainiac and Adam Strange when it returns for its second season sometime in 2019.