Krypton: The notorious Jax-Ur teams up with Dru-Zod in Episode 8, 'Savage Night'

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May 10, 2018, 8:23 PM EDT (Updated)

Take a deep breath and inhale this informative new recap for the eighth installment of Krypton. Heads are rolling, but the planet is still spinning... for now!

Whatever level of geeky expertise you exhibit, we're about to expand your DC Universe knowledge substantially after tonight's new chapter cracked open the vault to pull out some heavy-hitting characters you may or may not be familiar with, carrying names like Sardath, Alanna, and Jax-Ur.

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In last week's installment, titled "Transformation," the Brainiac-corrupted Voice of Rao made Daron-Vex bow down before his tyranny; Jayna-Zod went on the lam to escape prosecution for her role in the botched coup attempt; Dev lost an arm; Nyssa put a knife to daddy dearest's throat for trying to blast a hole in her head; and the Nova Cycle festivities came to a fiery end.

What's next for Seg, Dru-Zod, Lyta, Jayna, Ona, Strange, and the entire Krypton crew? A whole lotta cosmic magic, mystery, and mayhem!

There's just one more episode before the May 23 season finale, so let's reinforce ourselves with the latest developments from the Rao-kissed world of Krypton, where a resistance movement begins to form to impede the Voice of Rao's increasing power and influence.

EXTREME SPOILERY TERRITORY AHEAD! Below is a recap for Krypton, Episode 8, "Savage Night."

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We begin with a flashback to two weeks earlier, in the pilot scene where Adam Strange first reveals himself to Seg down in District 19, and tells him that he's come from the future to warn him about Krypton's fate and that Seg must save Superman. Strange then hands him the sun crystal etched with the House of El sigil and vanishes.

Actually, he's apparently teleported back to a sterile tube-like chamber where Strange converses with a disembodied voice named Sardath, and we learn much more about the time traveler's past and the Zeta Beam device that he 'borrowed."

I'm not sure why it made me think of the old Mork and Mindy show, but when Strange was transported back to this stark white extradimensional interrogation chamber, I kept seeing Mork talking to His Immensity, Orson. It might have been the lofty tone of Sardath or the cheeky tone this scene displays. Or maybe I just miss Robin Williams.

In comics lore, Adam Strange was once a normal human archaeologist, but one day while working on an excavation site in Caramanga, South America, he was transported to the planet of Rann via a circular device known as the Zeta-Beam. Rann's noble alien leader, Sardath, invented the Zeta-Beam to teleport matter over vast distances of space and time.

Here, Sardath listens to what Strange has to say about Brainiac heading toward Krypton and the dire threat to Superman, then supports his need to get back to the planet and take care of this distorted timeline.

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With the streets still crawling with Sagitari, Seg and Lyta hide out in Seg's old homestead down in Sector 19. Meanwhile, Kem discovers Sevi, one of the robed Word of Rao acolytes, hiding in a mound of garbage in the streets. She convinces Kem that Ona is safe and that the compromised High Priest likes her. But she mentions that in his infected state, he's getting stronger by sucking the life out of the embryos in the Genesis Chamber, where all Kryptonians are incubated and birthed.

We shift back to the meeting room at Kem's tavern with an assembly of Zod, Seg, Kem, Jayna, Nyssa, and Lyta. Dru-Zod tells them that Brainiac's sentry, by infiltrating the Genesis Chamber, has tapped into the greatest source of electricity in Kandor. His continued draining will destroy their civilization and their future. They theorize that while he's in a trance and embracing the embryonic energies, he may be vulnerable.

His connection to his enslaved Red Shard guards will be limited at that point. Severing the connection between the sentry and his protectors, then taking him out, might work. Lyta suggests using Dev-Em's body as a way into the alien being's neural network. To implement the plan correctly they'll need to recruit more manpower, and Zod wants to use Black Zero operatives to fortify themselves.

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Seg, Lyta, and Nyssa zoom off in an uncomfortable skimmer ride out to retrieve the Sagitari commander's body. Out in the blizzard-choked Outlands, the trio trudge through the snow to try and find where Dev was left. Lyta bumps into a zombie-like Dev wandering around armless and near death. They drag him back to the skimmer and zip back inside the relative comforts of Val-El's Fortress of Solitude, where they stabilize him for the time being. A procedure to save Dev is relayed to the semi-conscious Sagitari, and he agrees to undergo the extraction of the invading intelligence.

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We already knew that Hannah Waddingham had been cast for the notorious terrorist Jax-Ur, but I was unprepared for the ferocity of her performance. It'll make you forget any other iteration of the character. Her presence delivers an electrifying bolt of badassery to the show, and I can't wait to see what the undeniably vicious Ur brings to the table moving forward.

Jayna and Zod are brought before the harsh leader of Black Zero, where they hear her shattered dream of a Guild-less Krypton where the planet could have been a bastion of equality. Zod gets a bloody reprimand for abandoning the terrorists' cause, then unleashes a pointed explainer about the horrifying threat of Brainiac.

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In the creaky vaults of DC Comics, Jax-Ur was a male super-scientist and colleague of Superman's father, Jor-El. Supporting the importance of space travel and defense while developing nuclear rockets for exploratory purposes, one of his inventions goes off course and accidentally blows up Krypton's moon, Wegthor, killing hundreds of innocent colonists. In some versions of the story, it's a deliberate act using an atomic bomb, and some have him using a powerful death ray. For his heinous crimes, the renegade outlaw is imprisoned in the Phantom Zone for a duration of 300 years.

He's also seen briefly in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel as an accomplice of General Zod.

Jax-Ur agrees to offer Black Zero muscle to Jayna and Zod's cause in exchange for the duplicitous Daron-Vex. Zod informs Seg of the hostage deal, and Nyssa gives her enthusiastic approval to hand over her dad to the terrorists who will assist them in taking the Genesis Chamber down.



After Strange and Kem find little Ona handing out blessings of Rao to the rankless, the time-tripping hero is flung back to Sardath's interdimensional way station. Sardath lambasts Strange for his lack of commitment in the past. Strange begs to let him try to finish his mission and become the hero he was meant to be. Alanna, Sardath's daughter, intercedes and agrees to let him return to Krypton. (In the history of DC, Alanna marries Adam Strange and together they have a daughter named Aleea.)

Strange goes straight to Daron-Vex and tries to convince him that he has insider info on Brainiac that can help Daron get out of this sticky web of lies and deceit, although the Vexster seems right at home in that compromised position. The calculating sentry that has been absorbed by the Voice of Rao is a slight shadow of the real villain en route to the Rao System. To save Superman, Strange must allow Kandor to be bottled by the World Collector and Seg needs to escape the city before that happens.

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Jayna and Zod have a quiet chat about who Superman truly is and why he has such powers on the yellow-sunned Earth. Zod explains that Kal-El was no different than every other Kryptonian before he escaped in a space-pod as the planet exploded. Jayne inquires as to exactly how Zod survived the cataclysm, and she's told that he was incarcerated in the extradimensional abyss of The Phantom Zone for crimes against the state by his good friend and Seg's future son, Jor-El. The assault on the Genesis Chamber is on. May Rao's grace be their shield!

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Daron begs the Brainiac sentry to snuff out the rebellion now with his insider info he's procured from Strange. The parasitic being is in hog heaven draining the life juice from the thousands of living embryos and doesn't listen until it's too late.

Jayna, Dru-Zod, Seg, and an eager squad of Black Zero Operatives storm the chamber while Brainiac's civilized beast is attached to his umbilical tentacles. Many of the guards go down as blasters spit out energy bullets into their skulls. Jayna takes the lead and charges gung-ho into the room, laying waste to soldiers unlucky enough to be in her path.

Back at the Fortress of Solitude, Dev's injured body convulses while undergoing the operation to remove Brainiac's invasive control and unlink Brainiac's Red Shard protectors. Val-El concentrates on his task and his hands fly across his holographic computer screen while successfully disengaging Dev from the network. Remember, Els always find a way!

In the Genesis Chamber, the Red Shard troops fall limply to the floor after being released from Brainiac's grip. At that same second, Brainiac's sentry retracts its tentacles from the power coupling and attacks Zod, tossing him like a doll across the floor. A lethal beam of light strikes the possessed High Priest in the chest courtesy of Jayna's expert marksmanship. With arms raised in supplication, he falls backward into the bottomless chasm of the chamber and vanishes into supposed oblivion.

Dev survives the dangerous procedure and Lyta offers her profound thanks for his bravery. Daron has a tense reunion with his daughter, Nyssa, who proclaims her forgiveness for his attempted murder of her. Instead of killing him, she puts a leather blindfold over his eyes and delivers him to the brutal queen of Black Zero, Jax-Ur.

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Brainiac has miraculously made it out of the Genesis Chamber's abyss and appears before Ona in his throne room, bloodied and burned, telling the frightened child that through fire he's been reborn. Strange is in Daron's office contemplating his next move when Ona wanders in and Zod's Black Zero commandos rush Rao's chamber. He takes her directly to Kem at his tavern where Seg and Jayna discuss what might be the real reason Zod has traveled back from the future... to rule Krypton.

Ona shuffles into the tavern and Kem rushes over to greet her. He and Seg see the cryptic words written across her face turn red as she repeats Brainiac's sentry's mantra, "Through Fire We Are Reborn." A flash of sudden shock rushes over them as Strange sprints into the room screaming while a countdown timer beeps. He activates the Zeta Beam device which emits a cool crystalline forcefield protecting Seg, Kem, and Jayna as little Ona explodes in a massive fireball that sweeps through the room.

At that same instant, Strange is teleported to some mysterious location where a short-haired blonde woman is standing frozen in time. Strange seems to possibly recognize her, and when he steps closer to her face, her eyes shift to focus on him.

Well, that's all the intense drama we can absorb in one sitting tonight. Are you sad that little Ona is now cradled in Rao's eternal embrace? Who is this unknown woman that Strange seems startled to see? When will Brainiac's Skull Ship arrive? And will a violent power struggle erupt between Dru-Zod and Jax-Ur?

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Hit us up with your best theories in the comments below, and let us know if you're excited for the upcoming final two episodes as Krypton closes out its debut season.

Until then, may Rao's light forever guide your way.