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Krypton: Zod and Seg open Doomsday's door in Episode 6, 'Civil Wars'

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Apr 26, 2018, 8:18 PM EDT (Updated)

Well, you've had a full week to digest the big reveal that the mysterious anti-terrorist commander is none other than the infamous General Dru-Zod, and he's apparently time-traveled back in time to help save Krypton from Brainiac. What the huh!?

It was actually a not-so-secret secret unveiled as executive producers Geoff Johns, David S. Goyer, and Cameron Welsh had hinted that Superman's greatest nemesis would somehow factor into the unfolding Krypton storyline. The planet's big boom just wouldn't be the same without the militant villain, and charismatic British actor Colin Salmon is a perfect vehicle for Zod's zealous behavior.

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Brainiac's acquisition and bottling of the capital city is the main reason for the planet's ultimate instability, and Zod's plan is to halt the World Collector's diabolical deed.

EXTREME SPOILERY TERRITORY AHEAD! Below is a recap for Krypton, Episode 6, "Civil Wars."

This week we'll find out just what horrors exist behind Secret Door #1 in the Cythonnite colony's lair, as Adam Strange recognizes Zod from Earth's future and Seg is faced with an impossible choice that will shape the El legacy and the fate of the universe.

There's no relaxation allowed for Kryptonians or voyeuristic Earthlings, so let's blast head-first into tonight's episode, titled "Civil Wars," to see what insidious acts the sentry-infected Voice of Rao is up to, and whether we can trust General Zod. It is by Rao's word!



We pick up exactly where last week's "House of Zod" chapter ended, with Dru-Zod, Lyta, and Seg all listening to how the time-traveler first obtained his family sigil necklace and Lyta not quite believing the story. Is it possible that he's lying? Sure! But Adam Strange knows him as Superman's greatest enemy and sticks a gun to Zod's head, suggesting that they kill him now.



Little Ona has certainly risen from her humble beginnings in Sector 19 with her mom. Currently a newly anointed "Word of Rao" follower of the High Priest, she's a pint-sized protege spouting wise didactic phrases all in the glory of the sun god. The now-compromised Voice of Rao freaks Ona out a bit by asking her why she believes herself to be a worthy disciple, and suggests a not-so-promising fate to those unfit for Rao's love. Death!

Over at the Vex household, Daron and Nyssa tell Jayna-Zod their plans to rig an explosive to knock out the High Priest as he closes the Nova Cycle festivities. But Jayna still needs the support of Dev-Em, the commander in charge of the High Priest's security detail. They'll need his loyalty if this dangerous path is to be effectively paved.

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Zod explains that this is the moment in time that Brainiac chooses to bottle up Kandor, which destabilizes Krypton's core and causes it to explode in 200 years. Krypton's current weapons are useless. This is a small detail that Strange kept from Seg.

No true Zod would ever destroy their planet. It's their duty and their privilege to protect it. Seg is caught between truths and decides to cuff them both for a more detailed explanation. Zod tells Seg that he's discovered a clue inside Kryptonopolis' ancient archives, the possible location of a secret weapon, a pre-cataclysm instrument of an extremely dangerous nature sheltered inside these catacombs. An unidentified house sigil inside Zod's pocket matches that of a hidden chamber Seg recognizes while he was exploring the tunnels. Betcha the "weapon of doom" is inside!

But Strange proposes an alternative approach after admitting to lying about Krypton's doom. Perhaps to preserve the correct timeline, they must allow Brainiac to procure Kandor! Seg argues that there is no point if it all simply ends in 200 years.

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Meditate on your sins, and perfect yourself. While the line of sinful unwashed Kandorians accepts Rao's blessings after their confessions, Dev-Em and his Sagitari security detail ferrets out a former Black Zero bombmaker, but Nyssa intercedes and tells the curious officer not to question the High Priest's pardon. Dev-Em escorts the bomber out of the building, but instead of returning him to his residence takes him to a safehouse, where he'll eventually be blamed for the death of the High Priest and killed while avoiding capture.



Daron and Jayna argue over the fact that this soldier has been asking questions about the pardoned man who was freed. They learn the officer has requested an audience with the Voice of Rao to discuss his suspicions. This would completely ruin their assassination plans, and Daron suggests he be silenced forever.

When Dev-Em tries to lure him into a private consultation, the chatty soldier shies away and instead heads over to Jayna's office. When she hears of his intentions, Jayna praises his qualities, then attacks him with a lethal karate chop to the chest and swiftly snaps his neck, thus ending the threat.

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Seg, Lyta, and Zod make their way through the damp tunnels and corridors of the catacombs searching for that certain door emblazoned with the strange sigil. They're attacked by a group of Cythonnites bound to protect their weapon, but they're no match for this trio. Finally, via a series of twists and turns, Seg leads them to the front of the door, which bears the shiny silver sigil.

Zod unpacks a special case that contains several military-grade explosive devices that he places on the face of the door. But when they detonate... nothing happens! Seg stares at the engraved entrance, then realizes that the crest is actually a variant of the houses of El and Zod superimposed upon each other.

Zod and Seg kneel together and slice their hands, producing a blood sample to try and trigger the door's lock mechanism. The two men bond over the blood and together drip their DNA onto the steel key plate, which ushers in the opening of the vault in a wash of cryo-chamber vapor, revealing the frightful face of a hideous monster staring out from a glass portal! The creature is housed inside a frosty hibernation pod with his massive clawed hands folded over his chest.


Strange arrives in panic and screams for them to stop, saying that the "thing" inside will kill everyone. He names it Doomsday, a soulless killing machine that can't be controlled or destroyed. 

Amireh, the lofty matriarch of the Cythonnites, appears with her followers to also warn of what may occur if Doomsday is released. It was created by a past union of the Els and Zods, and her people were there when the mutated weapon arrived. They're sworn to protect the planet from its unholy wrath.

Behind them, the vault slams shut. Another firefight separates the group, and they flee deep into the catacombs before the beast's den is explored. Seg and Zod are now united in their quest, but poor Strange is asked to fly home on his Zeta Beam.

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Dev-Em prevents innocent lives from being lost during the official closing of the Nova Cycles when he yells "bomb!" during the tribunal attended by the citizens of Kandor. He escorts the High Priest from the chamber and leads him to supposed safety, but Jayna and a full squad of Sagitari are there to ambush him. The Voice of Rao decides that if this is to be his last moment alive, he should let them see his real face.

He slowly removes his gold multi-faced mask, revealing a pulsing green parasite infecting his head and neck. Black tentacles sprout from his outstretched hands, puncturing the foreheads of several of the soldiers and killing them as Jayna and Dev-Em watch in absolute horror. Whoa!

Well, that's all for this week on the crazy and chaotic planet of Krypton. Apologies for not being able to see the whole horrid abomination of Doomsday, but I'm sure it will arrive in the next episode when he's awoken from his icy nap.


Until then, may Rao's light forever guide your way.

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