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Ladies of Kirk book project hits crowdfunding goal, aims to chronicle Trek love

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Sep 9, 2015

You could write a book about all the ladies Capt. James T. Kirk has loved and lost over the years ... and, it turns out, someone actually did.

The book project Ladies of Kirk, created by artist Kelley McMorris, includes original artwork of every woman Kirk (William Shatner) ever kissed during his tenure as the captain of the Enterprise. Not surprisingly, there are a lot. McMorris said the project is meant as one part celebration of the women of Trek and one part loving parody of the beloved genre hero. It will be a fully illustrated original art book. For those keeping count, the total is 19 lovely ladies for our dear captain.

For the reasonable price of $25, a paperback copy of the book was available, or you could kick in $40 for a signed, limited-edition hardcover. The project has already far surpassed its fundraising goal. The book itself will be 6" x 9", 42 pages and full color. It will contain 19 colorful illustrations, with a memorable quote and short summary of each character. Sadly, the Kickstarter campaign is already closed, but here's hoping McMorris makes some copies available outside that run.

Here’s what McMorris had to say about putting the project together:

"I'm a professional illustrator who grew up with Star Trek the Original Series. Recently I realized that I could combine my love of Star Trek, 60's fashion and drawing by giving myself this mission to draw all of Captain Kirk's love interests. As I re-watched the show and studied the women's characters and costumes, I was impressed by the sheer diversity of these women, in their personalities, employment, motivations and costumes. The only things uniting them are their love of Kirk and voluminous hair. I created this book to spread the love of obscure but awesome Star Trek characters with the world."

Check out a video breakdown of Ladies of Kirk below:


(Via Space, Kickstarter)

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