Ashley A. Woods

Watch: Breakout artist Ashley A. Woods on Lady Castle, Simpsons and RPGs

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Jun 14, 2017

To call Ashley A. Woods a "rising star" in comics is a bit misleading. Even though she's annoyingly young, she's been drawing professionally for more than a decade. From creator-owned work like Millennia War, to her independent comic collaboration with Amandla Stenberg and Sebastian A. Jones, Niobe: She Is Life, Woods has been killing it with dynamic line work and unique character designs.

SYFY Wire Contributing Editor Mike Avila chatted up the Chicago-area artist, and learned that the art bug bit her way early. Woods says it was a drawing of Homer Simpson, of all characters, that really proved to her -- and her mom -- that she had the chops to seriously pursue art as a career. Anyone who has seen one of her covers for BOOM! Studios' hit comic Ladycastle already knows she made the right choice. Woods also contributed character designs to writer Delilah Dawson's rich fantasy adventure.

(Note: if you're not reading Ladycastle, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?)

Check out our interview below as Ashley goes into detail about how video games influenced her art style, and also about some of the creative choices behind her character designs for Ladycastle. Oh, and one day she hopes to meet her collaborator on that book. So Delilah Dawson, if you're reading, Ashley will look for you at the next Con.

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