Lance Henriksen confirms Obsidian is Green Lantern's son on Legends of Tomorrow

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Sep 28, 2016

Since DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is introducing Justice Society of America superhero Obsidian into the mix for Season 2, fans have been wondering if the Arrowverse would play up the fact that the character is the son of another famous DC Comics superhero.

As you guys know, Legends of Tomorrow will introduce not one but two versions of JSA member Obsidian, with Dan Payne playing a younger version of the character and Lance Henriksen breathing life into the older version. Comic book readers will also know that Obsidian, real name Todd James Rice, is actually the biological son of Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott.

Obsidian was created by Roy Thomas and Jerry Ordway and first appeared in the pages of All-Star Squadron #25 in 1983, ultimately joining the Justice Society in 2007. The character also had a troubled past, having been abused by his adoptive parents and being prone to mental illness thanks to his biological mom, the villainous Thorn. Obsidian also spent some time as a supervillain in part because of this (it’s a long story), but once cured, he was back on the side of the angels and later made his coming out as a gay man.

Speaking to the good folks at, legendary actor Lance Henriksen not only confirmed that yes, his version of Obsidian will be the son of Alan Scott, but that they’ll also be sticking pretty close to the comic book version:

“It's all in there. It's all in there, every bit of it. Yeah, being Green Lantern's son and all that stuff and him being gay is all in there. It's treated, honestly, kind of ungently. It's a real thing....Even one of my lines says 'If you're lucky enough to find love again, after anything has ever happened to you, well, embrace it.' [Obsidian] says 'Son, he's waiting for me at home.'”

Henriksen also confirmed that the TV version of the character will also have had a troubled past, and that he “got up to no good” before becoming a member of the Justice Society. Could Payne’s younger version be the one “up to no good”? He’ll also be the one the crew of the Waverider will meet first. As for Alan Scott, there’s no guarantee that he’ll show up, but it’s nice to know that he’s part of the Arrowverse somewhere, somehow, in brightest day, in blackest night.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow returns to the CW on Oct. 13.

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