Lance Henriksen says a Millennium movie is gonna happen

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Dec 17, 2012

Whatever happened to Fox's Millennium? The underrated drama was constantly eclipsed by The X-Files and never got the respect it deserved. It only ran for three seasons (1996-1999), and series star Lance Henriksen believes there's more story to tell—on the big screen.

While promoting the new animated series TRON: Uprising, Henriksen spoke about his time as Frank Black. The actor claims there's been talk of a Millennium movie and there's a good chance it might happen.

"There's a big push on right now and there's a lot of crazy people involved in it. They've written a book with interviews with everybody that was on the show including [Frank] Spotnitz and me ... It's crazy that you wouldn't give it a shot. It doesn't have to be a $30 million movie either. There's a lot of fans out there in 65 countries. I can't go into any other country without them wondering when the movie is going to be made."

Henriksen believes Frank Black would thrive in the post-9/11 world. His personality and sensibilities would be a breath of fresh air in this time of paranoia and distrust.

"If Millennium was made today with those characters, it would be a far more interesting show than the limited palette they had with serial killers. I love the idea of a non-judgemental character like Frank Black was... He wanted to know why and how all these things happened, but he knew that judging someone for what they've done would just get in the way of finding out things."

So where would Black go? What would his objective be? Henriksen has a few ideas he'd like to explore.

"When you trap a guy like Frank Black," he said, "who has that kind of imagination and you put him in a world like Bulgaria where everything is in Cyrillic and he can't communicate actively with a lot of people, he has to do it in another way. I've thought of how it could be done. You just keep moving the pressure in on him about this kind of terrorist stuff. A terrorist plot. The pressure keeps building and building and building until you realize that that pressure gave him all the answers he needed. You would be gasping for air to wonder what is going to happen to this guy."

What do you think? Are you itching for more Millennium?

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