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Lancelot lives and the West gets wild in new Kingsman: The Golden Circle posters and TV Spot

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Aug 29, 2017

If you panicked at the thought of Lancelot aka Roxy being obliterated in Kingsman: The Golden Circle when she vanished as quickly as she appeared in the trailers and there was no poster of her to be seen, be relieved (for now). Turns out she wasn’t the victim of the attack on Kingsman headquarters but a 20th Century Fox oversight.

Lancelot still seems to be hiding out in most of the marketing material, unless she acquired stealth invisibility powers of some sort, but the studio’s recent release of her poster proves she’s still alive. That doesn’t mean she’ll stay alive. She may or may not make it across the pond with the Kingsman squad, and the poster could just be an undercover means of convincing everyone into thinking she’ll survive the next round of gunshots and grenades until she doesn’t.

The newest TV spot, “American Cousins,” riffs on the cowboy stereotype with sharp-shooting, wisecracking, hard-drinking agents Champagne (Jeff Bridges), Jack Daniels/Whiskey (Pedro Pascal), Tequila (Channing Tatum), and Ginger Ale (Halle Berry) taking swigs in between shots, plus supervillainess Poppy (Julianne Moore) with her lethal red lipstick. Makeup can do wonders for covering up the fact that you head up a New World Order organization. What else would you expect from an ex-lifestyle guru who is now the most fashionable terrorist ever disguised as a global entrepreneur in heels?

Now that the Kingsman headquarters have been vaporized, they need allies in a world that is being held hostage. The Statesmen are their American counterparts. They join forces in espionage to thwart and possibly blow up the enemy. For Eggsy, it’s just saving the world. Again.

The latest set of posters have that vintage secret agent vibe with seriocomic ammo carrying over from Kingsman: The Secret Service, such as former chav Eggsy’s signature tracksuit jacket and Galahad’s eyepatch glasses that are a nod to that iconic Bond-movie eyepatch. 

Here's a not-so-top-secret glimpse at the new Lancelot poster:


(via ComicBookMovie)

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