Last man on Earth adds yet another SNL alum with Fred Armisen

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Oct 28, 2017, 12:16 PM EDT

There's nothing funnier than a comedian stranded alone on Earth fending for himself. Well, there doesn't seem to be. Will Forte is welcoming yet another Saturday Night Live alum to his apocalyptic sitcom The Last Man on Earth as Fred Armisen (Portlandia) prepares to join the crew.

Forte is the creator and star of The Last Man on Earth, which is now in its fourth season. The comedy follows the lives of the final survivors on a post-apocalyptic Earth as they try to survive among each other. Armisen will join for a few episodes this season, but the rest of the details are scarce.

According to TV Line, Armisen will play the character Karl, who is "a survivor with an interesting past." Considering that's the description for basically every character on the show, it's not super enlightening. Could he be another long-lost family member? Or celebrity? What if he was the president or a government official? Only time will tell.

Other former SNL cast members have made appearances on the show as well. Jason Sudeikis played Forte's brother. Will Ferrell made an appearance in Season 2, and most recently Kristen Wiig appeared in episodes as socialite Pamela. She's back this season in the recurring role.

So if the world ends, at least Fred Armisen will be there to make you laugh through the pain. The Last Man on Earth airs Sundays at 9:30 pm on FOX.

(via TV Line)