The last person you'd expect is coming back when The Walking Dead returns

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Feb 3, 2014, 6:35 PM EST


Sure, it might’ve seemed like the Governor’s storyline had come to an end on The Walking Dead, but we apparently will get to see David Morrissey at least one more time this season.

The scoop comes via TV Guide, which was dropping some major hints about the back half of season four in anticipation of the series’ return this week. Though we saw the Governor’s arc come to an inglorious (and seemingly final) end, it seems the former King of Woodbury has at least one more appearance left.

Here’s the excerpt:

Don't expect to see too many familiar faces since Rick and Carl take center stage when the AMC drama returns. While Rick heals from his beating from The Governor — whom you will see again — Carl will lose something very important to him. (No, not his innocence!) In other news, it won't be long before [Michonne’s backstory] is blown wide open.

Of course, that doesn’t tell us exactly how the Governor will be back, which leaves open a boatload of options. This could certainly refer to a flashback scene, or he could even return as a hallucination or in a dream. The most fun option? Undead Governor, kicking butt and eating brains! Here’s hoping.

We’re also psyched to hear we’ll get to dig into Michonne’s backstory some more. She’s grown into a key member of the group, and we know less about her than anybody. She’s a fascinating character, as anyone who has read the comic knows, and we’re glad she’ll get a little more time to shine.

What do you think? How is the Governor going to return, and should he even come back?

(Via TV Guide)